A Response To Report On PACs: PAC Report Misses The Real Value Of Illegal Immigration Fighting Organization

A Response To Report On PACs: PAC Report Misses The Real Value Of Illegal Immigration Fighting Organization

While I appreciate that John Hawkins of Right Wing News is allowing us to clarify our PAC expenditures in greater detail in reaction to his report comparing conservative groups based on their total expenditures versus the percentage of funds used as campaign expenditures, I protested Americans for Legal Immigration PAC’s (ALIPAC) inclusion in the report for several reasons. Our organization’s value to our cause and donors is clearly not measured in our campaign expenditures ratio, and to suggest that donor funds have been misused or wasted because only a small percentage of our small budget is spent on campaigns is not accurate at all.

William Gheen

First, our organization’s focus right now is on doing all we can to slow or stop Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional amnesty decree for illegal aliens that was temporarily halted by a Texas judge today and we need every conservative activist and group focused on that nation destroying issue. I pray this more detailed explanation of our finances will help decrease the chances of misunderstandings or destructive division among Americans fighting Obama at this time.

Second, ALIPAC was never formed originally to simply transfer money to campaigns and elections. We formed as a Political Action Committee on 9/11 of 2004 simply to use a PAC structure for our activism platform, information sharing, media interviews, lobbying efforts, and volunteer actions of which more than 90% are not reflected in our campaign or independent expenditures.

Third, our contributions to our cause of fighting illegal immigration and any form of amnesty for illegal aliens are not reflected on our FEC reports at all when you consider the many millions of dollars equivalent advertising would cost as compared to our national media exposure on this issues.

And the fact that ALIPAC’s efforts have helped slow or stop the pro amnesty groups that have been spending hundreds of millions of dollars to change America’s laws to provide citizenship for illegals means we have accomplished quite a bit not reflected in our barely six digits yearly budget!

Do we wish we had more money to spend on campaigns and other efforts? Sure we do, but ALIPAC has a strict privacy policy and we have never engaged in the kind of mass fundraising efforts many other PAC’s and nonprofits do where more than 80% of every dollar raised is spent on the fund raising process and everyone’s names, emails, and mailing addresses are bought, sold, and traded to make more money.

Our funds are spent on our basic operations budget and we usually do not have much more beyond that to spend on campaigns. And we have always been very direct and accurate with our supporters about our funding needs and exactly what we need the money for. All of our fund raising emails are online and open to review and our donors and volunteers are some of the most attentive Americans you will ever encounter.

Most of what ALIPAC has accomplished has been because of our unique and often decisive strategies in the fight against illegal immigration and amnesty and the fact we have organized and earned the respect of a very large group of American activists who carry out our plans and build and moderate our archives.

Our main base of operations at www.ALIPAC.us is the world’s largest archive of information in existence on the topic of the costly and deadly illegal alien invasion of America, and while we do not receive the web traffic we once did due to heavy suppression by Facebook and Google, it costs a lot of money in server capacity, upgrades, improvements, repairs, and maintenance to keep that archive available to citizens, media, lawmakers, and campaigns.

Every penny ALIPAC has ever spent is a matter of public record. Our Federal Elections Commission reports have been crawled through by our donors, members of the media, and even the large group of George Soros backed smear merchants that never miss a chance to take a swipe at ALIPAC because of our impact fighting their open borders agenda. These Soros backed groups constantly lie about us or distort what we really say and do, but even they have never attempted to claim that ALIPAC’s finances were somehow out of whack or in need of improvement because of our campaign expenditures percentage was low.

Another reason that comparing ALIPAC’s campaign expenditures to our value to our donors and cause is highly inaccurate is that we have asked our extensive network of supporters to locate the campaigns we endorse in their state and contribute directly to those campaigns financially and as volunteers. This flow of support behind candidates is not measured in our FEC reports at all. We provide the more than 50,000 people receiving our e-mail alerts and more than half a million people on our social media pages with our candidate recommendations, the supporting information and documentation, and a link to the candidate’s website.

We let our supporters decide what to do with their campaign contributions while we provide information regarding the candidate’s record and positions on illegal immigration and amnesty.

And when we do spend money on campaigns or “independent expenditures,” you cannot weigh their real value based solely on how much money was spent. When ALIPAC played a key role in helping to defeat Eric Cantor in the 2014 GOP primary, we only spent a few thousand dollars on voter lists and robotic calls, but the tongue in cheek, reverse psychology phone ad thanking Cantor for Supporting Amnesty for Illegals earned a lot of media that was linked to by the Drudge Report! The media we generated in that fight was worth many times more than what we actually spent and looking at our FEC campaign expenditures does not reflect those contributions.

ALIPAC has been able to function on a shoestring budget of less than $150,000 per year which is almost unheard of for a national organization. While about half of what we raise and spend goes to salaries, we only have two employees. I’m paid a little under $70,000 per year with no retirement, no health insurance, no 401k, no benefits whatsoever, and as such, I am the lowest paid CEO in among all of the illegal immigration fighting national organizations in America.

Furthermore, my salary ranks among the lowest averages of nonprofit CEOs in American and our treasurer receives a part time stipend that pays her very little for the exceptional amount of work she does. I could make more money for my family’s needs by returning to my prior profession as a campaign consultant or by driving for Uber, but I am fully committed to doing all I can in the fight against illegal immigration because I believe our national survival is at stake.

All of our other Executive Officers, moderators, and administrators over the past ten years have served our cause against illegal immigration and amnesty as volunteers while I have worked more than 60 hours per week for the last decade completely immersing myself in the issue and serving as one of the key non lawmaker spokespeople on the issue. Many others work for ALIPAC as independent contractors bringing their skills and services to the table as needed and are paid by the project.

ALIPAC’s strategy playfully dubbed “Underwear Against Amnesty” shut down within 48 hours of our launch Speaker John Boehner’s pledge to pass an immigration reform amnesty bill to Obama’s desk by August of 2014. Our key role with Overpasses for America holding more than 600 protests against Obama and illegal immigration across America for the first time pushed back against amnesty in Congress and the campaigns. These wins for Americans are not reflected in our campaign expenditures in Mr. Hawkins’ report.

You will find no evidence of ALIPAC’s successful efforts to stop in-state tuition for illegal aliens legislation in 20 states in our FEC reports or using the over simplified chart of total expenditures vs. campaign expenditures in the Hawkins report titled “50 Million Down The Tubes: How 17 Conservative PACs Are Spending Their Money.”

When Dick Durbin almost cried on the floor of the US Senate during the lame duck session of December 2010 as the Dream Act Amnesty came crashing down around him, it was ALIPAC’s strategy he decried although he would not mention us by name. And when the GOP Senators started to fall away from the cloture vote to pass George Bush’s guest worker program Amnesty in 2007, the failure of the amnesty bill was within hours of activists responding to ALIPAC’s strategy to storm into the district offices of key lawmakers to await the Cloture vote! Here in North Carolina, Senator Richard Burr’s district office staff almost called the police when an angry mob of our folks showed up and sent Burr and others like him in key places around America running from the amnesty bill!

So while our unorthodox and sometimes sensational volunteer backed strategies at ALIPAC have required us to spend less than $150,000 per year, we have played a central role in holding back the amnesty legislation that has been backed by hundreds of millions of dollars being spent by groups like the US Chamber of Commerce, the National Council of La Raza, LULAC, MALDEF, etc.

So we really hope that Mr. Hawkins’ report does not distract conservatives too much from the fight against Obama’s amnesty at this critical time, and we pray the report does not lead fewer people to donate to ALIPAC at a time when we have had to struggle for every dollar we raise. We are doing all we can to stop amnesty once again even though Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty decrees have thrown Americans into a totalitarian twilight zone where legislation, laws, and elections have been nullified by nation changing memos!

Because if enough conservatives get distracted, start fighting amongst each other over reports like this one, or fail to understand that the value of groups like ALIPAC are not found in a comparison of our funds raised versus our campaign expenditures, then tens of millions of illegals will make it to citizenship and voting rights through unlawful and unconstitutional means! If ALIPAC and other great conservatives and organizations fail to stop Amnesty again this time, this Executive Action Amnesty will destroy conservatives first and liberals later as wave after unending wave of tens of millions more illegal aliens from the 3rd world bury what once was America.

There are only a handful of national groups fighting illegal immigration and ALIPAC is the only active Political Action Committee engaging in that fight. Yes, we are worn and scarred by many battles and a bit of a rag tag activist army, but we are one of the few groups dedicated to the enforcement of our existing border and immigration laws. So if someone feels they can do this job better or more efficiently than us, then by all means have at it. But don’t do it by tearing us down, do it by building your own PAC that fights against illegal immigration and amnesty and do it better than we can.

If ALIPAC could find a fund raising firm or leader who would help us to raise the millions of dollars these other groups have without sacrificing the privacy of our small donor activists, we could do so much more. But even at our barely six digits budget, most of us feel that if we save even one American job or life from illegal immigrants it was all worth it.

I hope that the owners, authors, and readers at Right Wing News will help ALIPAC in our cause to save America from this nation destroying invasion and the elite traitors who are responsible for all of the death and destruction the illegals are causing.

We need help and support more than inclusion in reports that while intended to keep groups honest or improving can also distract from ALIPAC’s real value and accomplishments as well as the historic challenges before us.

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