Petition To Defeat The Muslim Brotherhood

Many leaders — From: Jay Sekulow: to: David Cerullo of INSP: have stood up and are telling President Obama and all decent Americans – It’s time to take sides in Egypt. Egypt’s Christian community is under assault from jihadist radicals. Churches are burning, including ancient cathedrals. Nuns are captured and paraded through the streets. Christian homes and businesses are attacked.

Ronn Torossian

Christian children are dying. The jihadist Muslim Brotherhood, furious that it has lost power, is taking out its rage on Egyptian Christians. It’s past time for a clear message from the United States.

Petition to Defend Egypt’s Christians; Defeat the Muslim Brotherhood

Dear President Obama: It’s time to take sides — for religious freedom and against the Muslim Brotherhood. Comply with human rights requirements. American aid must be conditioned on the protection of Christians, and it must be used to oppose our jihadist enemy, the Muslim Brotherhood.

Sign the peitition here:

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