Princeton Students See the Real Woodrow Wilson And They Don’t Like Him

For practically the whole of the past century, President Woodrow Wilson has consistently ranked in the top ten of greatest U.S.presidents. One the fathers of modern-day progressivism, Wilsonhelped usher in the new era of anti-constitutional big government.
Brent Smith
All the collectivist/socialist things the left loves were embodied inWilson. Yet his legacy, despite our insistence, has weathered the right’s attacks for decades. And believe you me, Wilson was an evil S.O.B. Want some proof? You may link here and here to see just how bad.
Yet no matter what we say – try as we may – we on the right have been unable to penetrate Wilson’s persona, much like Teddy/Franklin Roosevelt or LBJ. So for conservatives it is easy to just throw up our hands and say: “What will it take for you on the left to see how bad these guys really were?” Your heroes weren’t for equal rights. They weren’t for women’s rights and they sure didn’t fight for minority rights. Quite the opposite.
But, just as we may think of giving up – this occurs. Maybe some college liberals are beginning to realize who the real racists in our history have always been and I wonder if maybe these are the types of incidences that will begin to turn things around. It seems in almost all cases the pendulum of reason must swing too far one way before it is able to correct.
I think we’d agree that things on college campuses can’t get much more ridiculous than they are today. I mean, when liberal comedians complain that students attending their on-campus shows are too radical, you know the pendulum is pretty much pinned left.
Yet it appears there may be a crack of light in the black hole of leftism. It seems that, “Students want Woodrow Wilson’s name removed from Princeton.” It appears, at least at Princeton University, traditional “old school” liberals and progressives are finding themselves being hung with the very rope they fashioned long ago by lionizing Wilson, and frankly, in kind of a perverse way, it’s delicious and hilarious.
This is a big deal. It’s not like Wilson was just some undergrad that spent a few years there. He was not only president of the United States but also President of Princeton University. Yet like Pharaoh Seti I said of Moses in the greatest movie ever made, the students are demanding that Wilson’s name and likeness “be stricken from every book and tablet, stricken from all pylons and obelisks, stricken from every monument of Princeton. Let the name of Wilsonbe unheard and unspoken, erased from the memory of men for all time.” Okay – they didn’t actually say that, but the meaning is the same. They claim it is because of Wilson’s “racist legacy.”
While current Princeton President Christopher Eisgruber, agreed that Wilson was a racist, “a school spokesman said the president also told students it is important to weigh Wilson‘s racism, and how bad it was, with the contributions he made to the nation.”
Wow! Isn’t it interesting how traditional liberals circle the wagons around one of their icons, regardless of what an evil S.O.B. he was.Wilson could have murdered someone in the Oval Office and the apologists would say not to judge him on that one event – to consider the whole of the good he did. They don’t even extend that same courtesy to George Washington.
“Having to walk by buildings that (have Wilson‘s name), having to walk by his mural, having to live in residential colleges that didn’t want our presence on campus, that’s marginalizing,” said Asanni York, a black junior who is majoring in public policy. “People are hurt by that. All this matters because, at the end of the day, black people’s feelings matter just as much as any other people’s feelings matter.”
Now I realize that a lot of these students are far left whackos, but this is real progress, and frankly I think there is an opportunity here for the right person or group to approach these students and further educate them on just who the democrats are and what they have always stood for, and likewise the republicans. 
They finally see a progressive icon for who he really was. What other truths might they be open to hearing?
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