Private Company Succeeds In Enrolling Americans In Healthcare

While Washington, DC: fails in the implementation of the much touted Obama Care, a private Chicago based company,: GoHealth, a leading online health insurance marketplace allows Americans to do that which the federal government is having difficulty with — enrolling in healthcare. It is the first private Marketplace to go live with an integration that allows consumers to get tax credits and subsidies and fully enroll in 2014 coverage.

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Consumers can now bypass the federal website and use GoHealth to complete enrollment over the phone with a licensed advisor, allowing Americans to successfully enroll in new health insurance plans.: : is currently the first web-broker service online where licensed agents identify plans that meet consumers’ personal needs and help them directly enroll in a Marketplace plan.

As Michael Mahoney, senior vice president of, told Fox News Channel his company can help people who are getting subsidies from the federal government.: As it’s been said, don’t expect the government to do that which a company can do.

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GoHealthInsurance: and its customer-facing website is a health insurance technology platform, working with over 300 health insurance carriers and more than 10,000 licensed agents across the United States. Since the company’s founding in 2001, the GoHealth platform has helped nearly 30 million Americans shop and compare health insurance quotes.

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