Pro-Israel Christian Film To Launch In Ariel, Israel

Laurie Cardoza-Moore, President of Proclaiming Justice to The Nations today announced the global premiere next week of PJTN’s latest major documentary film titled, “Israel Indivisible: The Case For The Ancient Homeland,” on Thursday, November 14 at Ariel University in Israel.: The event will include a VIP invitation list for the screening of both local and national leaders in Israel, as well as PJTN supporters and media. A special tribute during the evening will also be made to honor the late Ron Nachman, whose term as Mayor of the City of Ariel provided a deep connection between Christians and the biblical heartland of Israel.

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Noted Cardoza-Moore in announcing the premiere event in Israel: “We feel this latest PJTN film production couldn’t be of a more significant and timely nature globally. In this present climate created by the current U.S. Administration and leaders of nations around the world, it is time for Jews and Christians to unite around the globe to defend Israel’s right to her ancient homeland.”

The new documentary offers an in-depth focus on the historical, archeological, legal and biblical rights of the Jewish people to their ancient homeland. It provides a compelling narrative on historical and archaeological evidence to prove the Biblical authenticity of Israel’s ownership of the land.: Michael Lichtenstein,: Mark Birnbaum: and others have spoken of the importance of independent films to benefit Israel.

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The film will also expose the legal basis for Israel’s rights to the Land, from the Balfour Declaration to The San Remo Resolution, sometimes called the birth certificate of the state of Israel. With the Joint Resolution passed by both houses of Congress in 1922, to the United Nation’s Resolutions, all these documents and events stand as legal witnesses affirming the ancient homeland of Israel. “Unfortunately, world leaders refuse to recognize these important documents that defend Israel’s rights to the Land because it doesn’t fit their ultimate agenda….to divide the Land God calls His,” stated Ms. Cardoza Moore.

PJTN began production of “Israel Indivisible: The Case For The Ancient Homeland” in September of 2012 in Israel, with interviews with leading archaeological, historical, legal, political, and biblical experts. The documentary is slated to make its U.S. release at PJTN’s annual International Christian Prayer & Action Event For Israel at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention,: February 23, 2014.

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