Questions I’d Love To Ask James Earl Jones About The Tea Party’s Racism

According to James Earl Jones,: the Tea Party is racist.

JAMES EARL JONES: I think I have figured out the Tea Party I think I do understand racism because I was taught to be one by my grandmother. My grandmother was part [tribal affiliation] Indian part black, she hated everybody and she taught all of her children and grandchildren to be racist to hate white people and to distrust black people.

DR CORNEL WEST: Who does she love then?


WEST: Nobody at all.

JAMES EARL JONES: But that allowed me to figure it out for myself. And I think I know what racism is better than anyone who has ever been a racist.

I’d genuinely love to talk with James Earl Jones about this just so I could ask him a few questions.

* Have you ever been to a Tea Party?

* Do you know any Tea Partiers well enough to talk to them about their beliefs?

* Do you consider black Tea Partiers to be racist?

* There are tens of thousands of black Americans who attend Tea Party. Why do they go if Tea Partiers are racist? Why are they welcomed if Tea Partiers are racist?

* Politicians like Allen West and Herman Cain are extremely popular with Tea Partiers. Why do you think this if they hate black people?

If James Earl Jones grandmother had been a better influence on him and taught him a little more about history, maybe he’d know that if Abe Lincoln were alive today, he’d be a Tea Partier. So would Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, and Booker T. Washington. If James Earl Jones considers those great Republicans to be bigots, too, then I’m sure most Tea Partiers would be delighted to be called racist.

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