Race Trumps All For Colin Powell

Colin Powell made a name for himself as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during Operation Desert Storm while George H.W. Bush was President. George W. Bush made him the first black Secretary of State. At one time, Colin Powell was as beloved by Republicans as Condi Rice is today and probably would have been the front-runner in a primary had he chosen to run for President.

Despite all of that, in the end for Colin Powell,: race trumps all.

Former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell on Thursday endorsed Barack Obama in his bid for re-election, citing the Democratic president’s efforts to wind down the war in Afghanistan and tackling terrorism.

“And so I think we ought to keep on the track that we are on,” the Republican, who also backed Obama in 2008, told “CBS This Morning.”

…Powell criticized Romney’s foreign policy as inconsistent and questioned the former Massachusetts governor’s ability to tackle the deficit and looming defense cuts.

Of course, Romney and Obama have essentially the same policy on Afghanistan and there’s no reason to think Romney would be less aggressive in tackling terrorism than Barack Obama. Moreover, while Romney and Obama have the same position on defense cuts, Barack Obama has turned in the worst performance on the deficit of any President in American history. Using that as a justification for supporting him is like saying Madonna is your favorite singer because of her dedication to chastity.

Of course, Colin Powell couldn’t be honest and admit the truth, which is that Mitt Romney could never get his support over Barack Obama because Mitt’s skin isn’t the right color.

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