Black Conservative Calls Out Takei & Asks Him To Apologize For Bigoted Statement

Black Conservative Calls Out Takei & Asks Him To Apologize For Bigoted Statement

Actor George Takei- a boisterous Hollywood elite- called legal scholar and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas “a clown in black face.” Uneducated, silly, and racist remarks will get the pass by Liberals because he is a Democrat and gay. By sitting back as a revered legal scholar is attacked on the basis of his skin color, liberals condone this behavior. Let me take a second to remind you of the irony of Mr. Takei’s statements. He calls Clarence Thomas a fake black person and a sell out when he has been around for decades playing stereotypical Asian and gay roles portraying them in negative light.
Markeece Young
Being a PROUD black conservative, I can tell you that Clarence Thomas you should be portrayed as a hero not a villain. Justice Thomas embodies what most blacks feel about marriage and other major issues, but he is usually attacked by Liberals because he is a Republican. I find it humorous that Justice Thomas gets attacked for standing up for the beliefs that black liberals have compromised to be relevant in the Democrat Party. Justice Thomas has also done more for Criminal Justice Reform than most liberals can say. Clearly George’s fame has been gone for years and he hates that he is no longer in the spotlight so he makes idiotic statements for relevance.
So, George, self hating is not one who votes for the party that freed his ancestors like Clarence Thomas. Self hating is you defending the party that put your family in internment camps. Your divisive and angry old man remarks are not ones that comes from someone living long and prospering. I hope you can set aside your bigoted and disgusting attitude and apologize to Justice Thomas.

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