Rock & Roll Loves Israel — And Women Journalists in the Arab World

Some random media observations from the past few days:

  • How great it was to see the clip of Guns N’ Roses, the legendary rock and roll band playing Hatikvah to thousands of screaming fans in Tel Aviv this week ?

  • Why is it that Mitt Romney’s announced plans to visit: Israel: is seen as an effort to “shore up Jewish & Evangelical votes.”? Bordering Israel, the recently democratically elected President of Egypt, called for a terrorist who in the 1990’s plotted to blow up the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels, the United Nations and other targets in the 1990s – and has also been linked to the first World Trade Center bombing that killed six and injured more than a thousand.: : Support of: Israel: is the duty of any American regardless of where they stand on the political spectrum – the enemies of: Israel: across the board support terrorism againstAmerica.: : How much clearer can it be?
  • Interesting reading on women journalists in the Arab world – naturally its hard to write honestly when one is threatened and at danger. Worth reading::

Ze’ev Jabotinsky, a great Jewish leader made the following observation in 1932 which still rings true today: “The work of the publicist is a legacy from the Prophets of Israel…Our passion is to speak, to proclaim–“Shouting” is what the same audience calls it, ‘we have no need for words, give us actions.’ One thing that audience forgets is that speech is also an action — Perhaps the most authentic of all other actions. Cities have been destroyed, and more will fall, but what was shouted in the wilderness thousands of years ago is alive and still relevant. The world was created by the Word. The world will be mended by the Article.”

The words of: Ze’ev Jabotinsky: should continue to be heeded.

Ronn Torossian: is CEO of: 5WPR, a leading: Public Relations Agency.

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