Sanders Neutralizes Clinton’s Financial Edge

The filings last week of campaign finances reveal that Sanders has $27 million cash on hand, just slightly short of Hillary Clinton’s $33 million. When funds earmarked for the general election are subtracted from each total, the gap will probably be even narrower.

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Clinton has outraised Sanders by more than 2:1, but she has spent her money almost as fast as she raises it.

But it is not just how much each candidate raises, but how they raise it that is important. In 2008, President Obama got most of his early money from small donors, mainly online, while Clinton got hers’ the traditional way, from large donors at big events.

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As the race tightened, Obama could reload rapidly — by just sending out emails — while Clinton had to get out her rolodex and start in on a whole new group of rich people since her past donors had largely maxed out.

Now Sanders is replicating Obama’s successful strategy while Clinton is making the same mistakes she made last time.

According to the third-quarter report released on Friday, Sanders is getting 77 percent of his money from people who give $200 or less while Clinton gets only 17 percent of her money from small donors.

Predictably, Clinton will run through her cash on hand quickly and need new funding soon. Then, she will need to begin the long process of fundraising by personal solicitation while Sanders reloads quickly by tapping his donor base online.

It is hard to believe that Clinton hasn’t absorbed the lessons of her last defeat.

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