Saudis Supply 90 Percent of Jihad Funding: ‘Screwed’

In “Screwed,” we reveal that the Saudi Monarchy, which we defended in the Gulf War with American blood, is the source of 90 percent of the global funding for radical Islamist mosques and schools throughout the world. Our oil dollars at work!

Lawrence Wright, author of “The Looming Tower,” estimates that the Saudis have spent $75 billion on spreading global jihad.

Dr. Sahr Muhammad Hatam, himself a graduate of Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi schools, describes what they are like: “The mentality of each one of us was programmed upon entering the school as a child [to believe] that anyone who is not a Muslim is our enemy and that the west means enfeeblement, licentiousness, and a lack of values. Anyone who escapes this programming in school encounters it at the mosque or through the media or preachers lurking in every corner.”

In Screwed, we lay out a plan to stop buying Saudi oil and to help the Europeans and Japan stop as well. We are at the cusp of genuine energy independence thanks to technological breakthroughs in deep sea drilling and hydraulic fracking (where pressurized water is shot into shale deposits hundreds of feet below the surface, breaking up the rock and releasing oil and gas). U.S. oil production will increase by two million barrels per day, and Canada will generate one million more by 2016. This increase will allow us to stop buying Saudi oil (we now buy one million barrels daily). We can also stop buying oil from Venezuela (one million), Algeria (400,000) and Russia (600,000).

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So we can stop sending our oil money to our enemies in three years!

Notice how our campuses have become anti-Israeli? In “Screwed,” we explain how the Saudis stoke hatred for Israel by spreading their oil dollars around liberally. For example, Harvard gets $20 million from Saudi Arabia. In return, the University has established a Center for Middle Eastern Studies headed by Paul Beran, a dedicated opponent of Israel who has pushed the campaign to boycott its products and divest of its assets. Cornell gets $10 million, Georgetown gets $20 million, and British universities get $460 million — including $39 million to Oxford.

In “Screwed,” read the full story of the Saudi threat to the West and our strategy for neutralizing their influence.

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