Self-Deportation Is Working Again

Self-Deportation Is Working Again

A question. What has been the constant and malodorous refrain of both the left and establishment “Chamber of Commerce” right when it comes to illegal immigration? That’s right – “What are going to do – deport them all?”

Brent Smith

Early on in the presidential campaign, that’s exactly what president-elect Trump said – that they all must go. Recall he said they he would “keep families together, but they have to go.”

To that the democrats went predictably berserk. How dare he deport them before most got a chance to vote…for democrats.

Unfortunately for our side – the right and legal side – very few, if any ever offer an adequate rebuttal to just how a mass deportation would or could take place. What we heard are diatribes (correct as they be) about the Constitution and the rule-of-law.

For many in America, these arguments are simply yawn-fests. People are not interested in academic soliloquies. They look at a number like 20 million illegals as utterly overwhelming. It would take our entire military to achieve such a task.

The argument we on the right should have advanced from the beginning is one of self-deportation. It works every time it’s tried. President Eisenhower successfully rid our nation of 3 million illegals back in the Fifties. And the vast majority left of their own accord.

I’ve written extensively on what and how Ike did it. You may review a couple of my articles entitled, “Illegal Immigration – Ike Showed Us the Way,” and “Was Eisenhower an Immoral Angry White Man?”

Yeah, the left may say – that was long ago and things change, yada, yada, yada. True enough – but it’s happening again.

Refugees and migrants who entered Germany over the past few years are leaving the country. International Business Times reports that, “2016 has seen a significant rise in the number of migrants opting to leave Germany voluntarily rather than be deported by local authorities. According to the government, in 2016, close to 55,000 migrants who were not eligible for or were likely to be denied asylum in the country, chose to go back to their homelands; 20,000 more than the 2015 numbers.

You mean they just left without “being rounded up” by heavily armed authorities? They left without massive protests and demonstrations, decrying that “We are all citizens,” or some such nonsense. They left without thousands of videos posted of small children being ripped away from their helpless parents?

Yep. Germany has finally wised up (to some extent) and gotten serious about the massive immigrant problem created by Angela Merkel.

“Interior Ministry spokesman Harald Neymanns told the press, adding that already, the figures had climbed to 54,123 through 27 December. ‘The increase is welcome. It’s always preferable when people leave the country voluntarily instead of being deported.’” The German government deported approximately 20,000 immigrants in 2016. The result was that more than double that amount left on their own.

And it’s fair to say that Germany hasn’t exactly been steadfastly committed to the task. But the word got out in the “immigrant community,” to leave or be deported. It’s exactly the way it happened during Eisenhower’s presidency.

Once again, it’s been demonstrated that even with minimal effort, self-deportation works every time it’s tried. And once more I will reiterate that we should never allow the argument to go unchallenged that it “just can’t be done.”

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