So, About That Lesbian Who had The Slurs Carved Into Her Body…

What does it say about our country that we semi-regularly see reports of phony “hate crimes”: like this one: in the media?

The lesbian who claimed three masked men broke into her home last month, tied her up, carved anti-gay slurs into her body and tried to set her house on fire will be arrested, after police discovered she was lying about the attack.

Charlie Rogers, 33, who ranks second in career-blocked shots for the University of Nebraska’s Cornhuskers, told police the men broke into her Lincoln house on July 22 and attacked her.

Rogers, a lesbian, said one man pinned her down while another sliced a cross into her chest, cut the front of her thighs and shins and carved derogatory words in her arms and abdomen.

But why, why, why would she do something like that? Well, maybe because of this….

News of the alleged attack sparked multiple vigils attended by thousands of gay-rights supporters who donated money in support of Rogers in cities throughout Nebraska.

When you lavish support, attention, and sometimes even money on people who claim to be victims, is it a surprise that there are people who fake it? A little sympathy for victims is merited, but when we have people faking hate crimes so they can receive the sweet, sweet rewards of victimhood, something is out of whack in our society.

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