Social Justice Warriors Invade a University

“‘Who shut s**t down? We shut s**t down,’ was one of the many chants over a hundred students, faculty and staff shouted duringThursday’s Concerned Student 1950 walkout in support of graduate student Jonathan Butler’s hunger strike calling for the removal of UM System President Tim Wolfe.”
Brent Smith
That’s typical of the college experience these days – to have ultra-leftist faculty members out protesting. Actually that may be better them having them in class and teaching.
And why is Mr. Butler going hungry? It’s because the University ofMissouri is a racist university and the white president, Tim Wolfe, isn’t doing anything to combat it, apparently.
So just who is this Concerned Student 1950 group? 
They are community agitators (like Obama), who, according to them, “represent every Black student admitted to the University ofMissouri since then [1950] and their sentiments regarding race-related affairs affecting their lives at a predominantly white institution. Not only do our white peers sit in silence in the face of our oppression but also our administrators who perpetuate that oppression through their inaction.”
Before the students began marching, Concerned Student 1950 leaders informed participants to refrain from speaking to media …Organizers said students should lock arms in a line of at least six people. If attempts to remove students were made, then students should cross their legs and sit down.
“Raise your hand high if you do not know why we’re in this space right now,” one of the Concerned Student 1950 organizers said while the walkout occupied Bengal Lair in Memorial Union.
So, you got that? “Raise your hand if you don’t know why we’re here and don’t speak to the media.” Let me translate. Community agitators have recruited a bunch of useful idiot students who don’t even know why they are protesting and if one of them speaks to the media it will become patently obvious that this is the case, which will hurt their bogus claim that all black students are oppressed.
When the walkout reached Carnahan Quad near the tents occupied by Butler’s supporters, organizers called demonstrators into a tight circle where they wrapped their arms around each other and recited an Assata Shakur poem. “It is our duty to fight for our freedom,” a student leader chanted. “It is our duty to win. We must love and support each other. We have nothing to lose but our chains.”
In Chains? Really! Name another country where blacks are any freer and more prosperous than in America? And how many of these bed wetting little spoiled college children have been in chains, or even seen one – or their parents, or their parent’s parents, and so on. Useful Idiots!
If you must protest, why not do it in front of your local Planned Parenthood office, who’s mission statement was to exterminate you.
Now 30 black Missouri football players said that they were standing in solidarity with the Concerned Student 1950 movement, which has for months called on the university to seriously address systemic racism on campus. Go Tigers!
The radicals at Concerned Student 1950 met with University president Tim Wolfe (cracker) where they demanded his resignation for turning a blind eye to systemic racism, which isn’t occurring except in the minds of the social justice warriors, increasing the number of black faculty members by 10 percent and providing increased funding for social justice centers on campus. They also demanded he hold a press conference where he “must acknowledge his male white privilege.”
He declined. What? You mean he didn’t just say, “Oh, okay. I had no idea things were so bad for you black students who get to attend a major university? I’ll resign right now!”
To add to their furor, on the night of October 24th, a Swastika was painted on a bathroom wall of one of the dorms. It was painted with feces. The Residence Hall Association issued a statement that the symbol of the swastika targets cultural and religious minorities, which I guess must mean blacks.
Really? No it doesn’t. I don’t recall Hitler’s Final Solution involving the black race, or any other minority. Just the Jews. Here’s a link to how that started, and blacks were never mentioned.
Speaking of Jews – last spring, on the same Missouri campus, a swastika was scrolled on another building, but also accompanied by anti-Semitic slurs. Interesting how no one seemed to make a big fuss over that. No marches – no hunger strikes – no calls for social justice or resignations. 
This Concerned Student 1950 group is just another in a long line of race-baiting social justice warriors whipping up oversensitive, angry black students – no different than angry white liberals of that dopey Occupy movement, or any other ignorant group who get stirred up by behind-the-scenes radicals with a hidden agenda.
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