Taking Advantage Of America: Birth Tourism In California

Despite what you may have heard, it should not require a constitutional amendment tostop the children of foreigners born here from becoming American citizens: – and we should: definitely take steps to stop this practice.

Dozens of Chinese mothers are giving birth to their babies in a house atop a hill in a wealthy neighborhood of Chino Hills, California — and they’re paying thousands of dollars for the privilege.

Neighbors say the home is a ‘maternity mansion,’ a hotel where Chinese women stay for the last few months of their pregnancy so their children are born on American soil — and are therefore American citizens.

The website says that for $5,000 to $15,000, Chinese women can stay for the remainder of their pregnancies in the seven-bedroom home and give birth to their child on U.S. soil.

The Chinese-language site also includes tips on how expectant mothers can hide their pregnancies from U.S. customs officials.

The site suggests women wear black and put a backpack or a bag in front of their bulging stomachs.

There are incredibly talented people who fill out forms, pay tens of thousands of dollars, and wait in line for years to get American citizenship. Giving citizenship out to anyone who sneaks across the border or cheats the system to show up to pop out a puppy on American soil cheapens the value of something that we Americans most of all should recognize as precious.

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