TBN, David Cerullo of INSP, Dr. Chauncey Crandall & Others Say Remember 9/11

On: Tuesday, September 11, individuals and families across America will recall the unforgettable day,September 11, 2001, when tragedy struck as terrorists commandeered three jetliners and used them as deadly weapons against our nation. Trinity Broadcasting Network will join in that observance,: September 9 through 11, as it airs a series of special programs to memorialize the tragedy and those who died, as well as to remember the courage and miracles that helped to define the aftermath of the tragedy.

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While thousands perished at the World Trade Center inNew York City, the Pentagon in: Washington, D.C., and in the field near: Shanksville, Pennsylvania, the perpetrators of those attacks failed in their goal of demoralizing America, as the nation rose in unity to fight back. And the amazing accounts of heroism in the air and on the ground, as well as the stories of God’s miraculous intervention in the hours and days following the attacks, continue to inspire millions around the world to courage and faith.

Many Americans, from: David Cerullo of INSP: to: Dr. Chauncey Crandall: join in remembering each year.

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Each year TBN memorializes the 9/11 tragedy, and among the special programs scheduled for this year’s remembrance are:

-: A Reason to Remember. Narrated by recording artistJoni Sledge, and with interviews from emergency workers, survivors, and families of victims, this 9/11 tribute shows how individuals came together to save lives, bring healing, and, with God’s help, triumph over the tragedy that impacted the nation. Airs: September 9-12

-: Heroes of Flight 93: tells the powerful story of the heroic passengers who took back their plane over thePennsylvania: countryside in an effort to stop one of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Airs: September 10-12: (check herefor broadcast times).

-: Day of Miracles: recounts the countless unexplainable events that occurred in the aftermath of the national tragedy of 9/11, demonstrating that in the midst of the horror and pain, God was still present to help. AirsSeptember 10-12: (check here for broadcast times).

Salvation Army Commissioner: Joe Noland, who remained at “Ground Zero” of the World Trade Center in the aftermath of the attacks as he helped oversee the humanitarian effort, said that it is crucial for the nation to remember the attacks, those who died, and those who responded in selfless courage. “More than a decade later we are compelled to recall the everyday heroes in those horrific moments,” he said, “which is why TBN’s commitment to broadcast these specials is so important. Telling the real story is a vital service to us all.”

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