The 20 Most Politically Influential Black Conservatives

The 20 Most Politically Influential Black Conservatives

Deciding who’s the “most influential” anything is inherently arbitrary and it’s even more difficult in this case when we’re comparing black politicians, judges, columnists, radio hosts, and activists. Inevitably, some people will disagree with the list but look at it as a fun way to give a few people credit for their success.

Speaking of which, make sure to let us know what your opinions are on who belongs on the list and where they deserve to be ranked. The more opinions the better.

Here is, in my opinion, the top twenty most politically influential black conservatives.

20) Lawrence Jones: Fox News contributor.

19) Shelby Steele: Author and columnist.

18) Star Parker: Author and columnist.

17) Katrina Pierson: Former spokesman for Donald Trump

16) Larry Elder: The “Sage from South Central” is a prominent radio host, author, and columnist.

15) Charles Payne: Financial analyst, author, and radio show host heard on Fox News.

14) Brandon Tatum: Former police officer and the man behind the Tatum Report.

13) Byron Donalds: Congressman in FL-19.

12) Horace Cooper / Cherylyn Harley LeBon: They are the Co-Chairs of Project 21.

11) Allen West: Retired Army Lt. Col., former congressman, and the Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas.

10) Thomas Sowell: The legendary economist, columnist, and author is retired and not putting out a lot of new material these days or he’d be much higher on the list.

9) Deroy Murdock: A contributing National Review editor, Fox News contributor, columnist, and senior fellow at the London Center of Policy Research.

8) Harris Faulkner: An author who is also the host of the Faulkner Focus and Outnumbered on Fox.

7) Condoleeza Rice: The Secretary of State under George Bush and is the director of the Hoover Institution.

6) Burgess Owens: A former professional football player turned Congressman representing UT-04.

5) Ben Carson: A retired neurosurgeon, author, former presidential candidate, and was the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under Donald Trump.

4) Kanye West: Although Kanye doesn’t talk as much about politics these days and ran as an Independent in 2020, he is registered as a Republican and still has tremendous sway with GOP voters if he wants to use it.

3) Candace Owens: An author, political commentator, podcaster, and founder of The BLEXIT Foundation.

2) Tim Scott: The South Carolina Senator who recently had liberal heads explode following his rebuttal to Biden’s first address to a joint session of congress.

1) Clarence Thomas: The most prominent and most reliably conservative Supreme Court Justice.

Honorable Mentions: Ken Blackwell, Deneen Borelli, Mark Burns, Ward Connerly, Robert George, James “Bo Snerdley” Golden, William Hurd, The Hodge Twins, Kevin Jackson, Kimberly Klacik, Mia Love, Colion Noir, Jason Riley, Mark Robinson, Boyd Rutherford, Ja’Ron Smith, Leo Terrell, Joy Villa, Herschel Walker, Armstrong Williams

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