The 3 big things you can learn about liberals from visiting San Francisco

The 3 big things you can learn about liberals from visiting San Francisco

If you are a conservative who has never been to San Francisco, it can be easy to wonder what the attraction would be to such a liberal city. However, San Fran has a lot of amazing features. It has terrific weather, some of the best food I have ever eaten, a unique look because of the hills, a beautiful bay right there and lots of trendy tourist hot spots like the Golden Gate Bridge, Muir Woods (just outside of town), The Japanese Tea Garden, Coit Towers, and Alcatraz.

Even though I wouldn’t want to live there, I have no problem with saying that San Francisco is a fantastic city to visit as a tourist. Also, because it is a city that has long been entirely controlled by liberals, it can teach you some things about what liberals REALLY believe, as opposed to what they claim to believe. First and foremost:

1) They’re not so hostile to the rich: One of the great ironies of modern politics is that it’s Republicans who always seem to be defending capitalism, big business, and the wealthy, while it’s liberals who get most of their money and votes. For example, Barrack Obama won eight of America’s wealthiest counties. Additionally, according to a late October 2016 poll of wealthy Americans, “roughly the top five percent of households — 53 percent planned to vote for Mrs. Clinton while 25 percent favored Mr. Trump.” Now consider San Francisco. Did you know that an almost unbelievable 1 out of every 11,600 citizens in that city is a BILLIONAIRE? At first glance, doesn’t it seem strange that so many phenomenally wealthy people want to live in an area controlled by people who publicly attack them day in and day out?

The truth is, that is all part of a game that liberals play. On the one hand, they accuse Republicans of being in the pocket of the rich, but on the other, the 1% are buying the cooperation of Democrats up and down the line. In San Francisco, that means big tax breaks for wealthy tech firms, new housing for regular people getting blocked because the rich don’t want it and special tech buses allowed to move workers around the city in faster lanes while the little people have to sit in traffic. Maybe Republicans should take a lesson from this and stop being such cheap dates for the super-wealthy if the Warren Buffets of the world are going to line up behind the Left in every election.

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