The Complete Devastation Obama Has Wrought On Our Economy Shown In A Single Chart

One of the key indicators that people refer to when they talk about the economy is the jobless rate. The problem with that metric is that the jobless rate is an extraordinarily imprecise measure because people who’ve stopped looking for jobs are no longer counted. So theoretically, the jobless rate could be zero if every American were unemployed and had given up on looking for a job. The jobless rate is a particularly inaccurate measure of how fast the economy has been creating jobs since Obama came into office because an inordinate number of Americans have given up on finding a job.

In fact, when: you actually see how many people have given up, it will STUN you.

For every man who has gotten a job under Obama, almost 10 Americans have dropped out of the labor force. That’s not a trickle; it’s a flood. That’s not a decline; it’s a collapse. It’s not a fender bender; it’s the Hindenburg disaster. What do you even say to something like that other than, “This chart proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Barack Obama doesn’t deserve a second term.”

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