The Conservative Case Against Joe Biden

The Conservative Case Against Joe Biden

Joe Biden has always been an empty suit. A country club liberal. A man whose 48-year-long political career in Washington has been mostly based on his vacant grin, empty posturing, and his willingness to tell people in the leftward leaning state of Delaware whatever he thought they wanted to hear. Although some people have tried to portray Biden as a middle of the road candidate, his career rating from the ACU is 12.67% (meaning, he agreed with conservatives 12.67% of the time). Because he has no real principles beyond a far leftward tilt and is a gaffe-prone, dishonest, charisma-free, career politician, Biden has never inspired confidence, excitement, or shown any sort of leadership abilities. He’s the sort of guy you put on a committee to keep him out of the way of the people making the real decisions – like whether to kill Bin Laden (Biden was for a time willing to publicly admit that he was a “no” on the raid that killed the man behind 9/11).

Today, the cherry on top of that sundae of mediocrity is Biden’s obvious mental deterioration. The average life expectancy of an average American male today is 76. Joe Biden is 77 and he’s not a sharp 77. That isn’t entirely unexpected given that he’s had brain surgery that, by his own account, required them to cut the top of his head off.

Setting aside his frequently garbled, confused nonsense comments that no one understands…

Biden has rather famously been “hiding in a basement” for almost the entirety of the campaign, which begs an obvious question. If Joe Biden is so far gone that he can’t handle regularly showing up to campaign for the presidency, what makes anyone think he can handle actually BEING President? At this point, it’s an open question whether Joe Biden could manage an hour-long drive or living by himself without help, much less running the country.

That begs our 2nd obvious question. If Joe Biden isn’t going to meaningfully be in charge because he’s just not sharp enough to do it anymore, who will be running the country? His ultra-radical Vice-President Kamala Harris who’s promoting the insane Green New Deal, government-paid healthcare for illegal aliens, banning fracking and offshore drilling, and banning all assault weapons? Maybe or maybe things will almost run by default. You can be sure that Biden’s cabinet will be packed with radicals, socialists, and the sort of people that would support the rioting we’ve seen across the country in liberal cities. How do we know that? Because Kamala Harris and Joe Biden’s own staffers supported a bail fund designed to get rioters and even alleged child molesters out of jail. When you take people with this kind of mentality and put them in charge of billion-dollar departments with a senile President who no longer has the energy or the brainpower to meaningfully supervise them, you never know what kind of liberal Christmas lists the bureaucracy will try to implement. This is doubly true because there is no meaningful Biden agenda. Up to this point in the campaign, he has hidden much of what he will do if elected and simply changes his mind about anything that becomes politically inconvenient. Biden promised to ban fracking, but now he claims he doesn’t want to do that. Biden wants to defund the police, but he’s not calling it that, so it doesn’t count. Biden supported free college, then he didn’t support it. What does he believe now? Check the polls and then ask the staffers that make decisions about that kind of thing while Joe takes naps and catches up on his Andy Griffith reruns. Beyond opening up the borders for illegal aliens, raising taxes, and coming after your guns, much of the Biden agenda isn’t even meaningfully fleshed out.

Which brings us to our 3rd obvious question. Many liberal cities are allowing ANTIFA and #BLACKLIVESMATTER to riot at will and shut down their own economies with silly Corona lockdowns. They’re pushing controversial mail in voting that could delay the election results for weeks and make many people question whether it was honest. Meanwhile in the Senate, Democrats are threatening to get rid of the filibuster for legislation while they game out packing the Supreme Court. If Joe Biden wins with all of that going on, what message will it send to the Democratic Party? If Biden LOST, the message would be that all of these things cost the Democrats the election. If Biden wins, well, why not allow riots or shut down your state for months on end? Especially since Biden would see to it that the rest of the country’s tax dollars paid for the damage. Why not threaten people in the streets when Biden’s DOJ will encourage everyone to treat you with kid gloves and go after police departments and prosecutors that try to keep “peaceful protesters” from rioting, looting and burning businesses? Why not make radical changes like packing the Supreme Court, implementing widespread mail in voting for the first time in a presidential election year and getting rid of the legislative filibuster? We’re literally getting to the point where the Democrats are pushing policies that have the potential to dangerously destabilize our whole nation and if the reaction is, “We’re not paying attention. Do whatever you want,” that would only encourage the craziest, most radical elements on the Left to drive the whole country off a cliff as they try to turn America into a Women’s Studies major’s idea of Utopia. Who is going to stop them from doing that on the Left? Joe Biden? Are we even sure the man could pick his wife out of a crowd at this point or cook some spaghetti on the stove without burning his house down? Taking someone like that, who wasn’t all that sharp to begin with, surrounding him with the sort of people that would teach Critical Race Theory at Berkeley, and putting that whole loony squad in charge of the country is a recipe for disaster.

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