The Fate of Hillary and Joe Was Always Obama’s Decision

How is it that people – supposed political experts – can’t figure out why Joe Biden isn’t running? On the radio yesterday, Sean Hannity opened his show with utter astonishment over the announcement by crazy Uncle Joe that he would not be running for president.
Brent Smith 
Sean said he couldn’t understand what the last several days were all about. What was all the build up for Biden’s announcement all about, if he was just going to declare he wasn’t running?
And he’s not the only one. CNN was on the TV in the locker at the gym yesterday, and the host of whatever the show was also surprised by the news.
This, in my opinion, was how it was always going to go. Biden was only going to get into the presidential race if the Obama administration was prepared to indict Hillary over either Benghazi or her email server scandal, or both – although probably never over Benghazi. Obama could possibly be dragged into that one.
Hannity said he was also confused to hear Trey Gowdy seemingly back off of his strong position regarding questioning Hillary at the upcoming Benghazi hearings that begin this morning. Pundits think it may be the undermining comments of House Majority Leader Kevin “sour grapes” McCarthy’s that the hearings are more about Hillary’s election bid than anything else.
Could be, but it really doesn’t matter what Gowdy, or any member of Congress says or does. It wouldn’t even matter if Hillary walked in and admitted she lied about everything under the sun and even personally told Ambassador Stevens he was being left for dead, and that the communiqué was classified top secret and it was indeed on her personal server.
See, none of this matters. Its all just process – all just theater. I don’t doubt that Gowdy is serious about getting to the real truth, but at the end of the day – its still just theater. I also believe the FBI wants to get to the bottom of Hillary’s email scandal, but neither Congress nor the FBI has any authority to bring charges against Clinton. They can only recommend charges to the Obama Justice Department.
So why even bother then? Well, first, it’s their jobs – and second and more importantly, the indictment recommendations need to be on the books for posterity.
On Hannity, his buddy Jamie Dupree, which Sean calls the most connected man in Washington, says that Biden didn’t get in because he didn’t think he could win, and didn’t want to appear to be a weak candidate.
Rudy Giuliani has said a number of times, as a former prosecutor, he can site several laws that Hillary already broke. People like to quote the fact that David Petraeus was indicted for a lot less.
But think about the people we’re dealing with. These are the lowest of the low. Since when has Obama cared a wit about laws or what fair? He’s been breaking or skirting established laws and playing favorites since he took office.
I think they’re all missing the mark, and I can’t understand why they don’t see what appears to me to be so darned obvious.
This whole scenario – Biden’s run – was always up to Obama. Obama, and of course co-president Valerie Jarrett hold all the cards. I believe both Hillary and Biden know this. It was always Obama’s decision to instruct Loretta Lynch to indict Hillary, or not. Lynch is an Obama sycophant and puppet and would never bring charges on her own. If Lynch were independent, she would have already indicted Clinton.
It’s obvious to me that, for whatever reason, Obama and Jarrett have decided not to indict or otherwise bring charges against Clinton. Maybe they don’t want the in-fighting. Maybe they don’t think Uncle Joe is the “strong” candidate everyone says he would be.
Whatever the reason, Clinton will be left alone – at least as far as the Obama legal system is concerned.
There are two other scenarios to consider – one far-fetched and one likely depending on who get’s elected president. The first is that Hillary stays the front runner – takes down Bernie the Red and then when the coast is clear, Obama strikes, leaving Uncle Joe to ride in on his white horse to save the day.
The other – the one I’m hoping for – is that nothing happens to Hillary, despite umpteen indictment recommendations that were placed on the books for posterity. She loses the election to Ted Cruz and Cruz’s new Justice Department, headed up by Mark Levin, retrieves the indictments, tries Hillary Clinton and sends her off to the slammer. 
Do they make orange pant suits?
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