The Great Destroyer

My newly released book, “The Great Destroyer: Barack Obama’s War on the Republic,” picks up where my previous book “Crimes Against Liberty” left off, chronicling President Obama’s record since mid-2010, and it’s not pretty.

I firmly believe that Obama is heading this nation toward financial catastrophe, is greatly undermining our national defenses, the Constitution and the rule of law, is severely damaging our energy industry and our energy independence, is dangerously expanding government and smothering the private sector and small and large businesses, and is polarizing this nation in a way that we haven’t seen in many decades, along racial, gender and economic lines.

In wholesale breach of his 2008 campaign themes, he is zapping America of its optimism and hope, replacing those with despair and malaise. He is using his bully pulpit to turn the American dream on its head, demonizing success and glorifying government dependency.

Rep. Paul Ryan has been warning for several years that America is in deep financial trouble, primarily because of our runaway entitlements, which account for almost $100 trillion of unfunded liabilities. Experts whom he has consulted warn that we can’t indefinitely defer this problem, that we have a window of perhaps two or three years to restructure them and return to a path of solvency.

You should notice that no one has really disputed Ryan’s assertion, suggesting it is hyperbole or sensationalism. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Office of Management and Budget Director Jeffrey Zients have had their chance, in congressional testimony, to refute Ryan’s claims. But they can’t — and don’t.

Yet what do they and the president they serve do about this imminent national train wreck? Absolutely nothing. President Obama’s Democratic majority in the Senate has not submitted a budget for well over 1,100 days. Obama has offered no plan to restructure entitlements and has even rejected his own cynically formed bipartisan deficit commission.

When Ryan questioned Geithner about Obama’s budget — for both its one-year and its 10-year projections — Ryan extracted an admission from Geithner that the administration has presented no plan beyond 10 years. Its current plan is merely to stabilize the growth of the deficit and kick the long-term problem down the road.

In my book, I include the pertinent exchange between Ryan and Geithner, and Ryan is persistent in pointing out that even if Obama’s budget purports to put a temporary bandage on the growth of the deficit, the deficit begins to skyrocket again after 10 years. Geithner admits that and simply says that the administration doesn’t like Ryan’s plan because it is too hard on middle-income earners and seniors. The administration continues to say Ryan’s plan would destroy Medicare.

These are all lies. Ryan’s plan specifically would preserve Medicare while bringing it into solvency. He especially and expressly protects seniors, and his plan would help lower- and middle-income groups more than it would higher-income earners. If Obama and Geithner don’t like Ryan’s plan, then why haven’t they ever offered their own blueprint for restructuring entitlements, which is imperative if we are to save this nation from bankruptcy.

The dirty little secret — and it’s not really a secret — is that Obama’s budget doesn’t put a bandage on spending the next 10 years, either. He told us he wouldn’t add a dime to the national debt, but his own projections show he will add more than $7 trillion over the next decade, and the Congressional Budget Office scores it as closer to $9.5 trillion, which means his deficits will average almost $1 trillion per year — during the period he and Geithner claim they are stabilizing our national finances. Can you believe this?

In the book, I also go into great detail about how Obama is fundamentally changing our national defenses and readiness, how we are downscaling our conventional and nuclear forces while other nations — especially Russia and China — are ramping theirs up and terrorists and the rogue nations they support are feverishly pursuing weapons of mass destruction.

I can’t begin to adequately describe my new book in a column, but it suffices to say that it is an encyclopedic account of Obama’s war on America that includes some 400 pages and 1,300 footnotes. My goal was to leave no stone unturned in thoroughly and comprehensively documenting Obama’s abuses and misdeeds.

The book covers the gamut, including Obama’s wars on our economy, national defenses, values, religious liberty, businesses and guns.

You may think you know almost everything Obama has done the past few years, but I guarantee you that the cumulative force of his actions related in my book will nevertheless astound you and most likely make your blood boil.

My hope is that in some way, this book contributes to an awareness in the electorate of just how important it is that we defeat this man in November. Our nation’s future greatness and our children’s future depend on it.

David Limbaugh is a writer, author and attorney. His latest book, “The Great Destroyer,” is available now. Follow him on Twitter @davidlimbaugh and his website at

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