The Hypocrisy of Obama and Guns

Days ago, the insanity of the radical left saw its star performer employ Oscar winning theatrics of tears, bewildered expressions, and dramatic pauses while issuing edicts falsely claiming they will keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Of course, this is nonsense. But for the MSM, it provided temporary sympathetic diversions and plugs to fill the holes of a domestic and foreign affairs sinking ship.

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For several days, MSNBC and its similar ideological ilk, tried to convince viewers Obama’s executive gun order had validity and reasonableness. I wondered aloud how his actions differ from the machinations of totalitarian governments. Isn’t bypassing Congress with his pen and phone and referring to the greatest American living document as merely a “piece of paper” amazingly authoritarian? Hitler held the hands of children as he forged legislation to register and eventually confiscate civilian owned weapons. We know how that populist and “reasonable” approach to making the streets safer for Germans turned out.

Shockingly, there are Americans who willfully defy facts and logic and robotically embrace Obama’s anti-gun talking points. What should send waves of concern is the fear that any bureaucrat, particularly one behind the awesome power of the Oval Office, would attempt to lessen your right to legally defend family and property. Believe me, that is the goal.

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The Second Amendment on that “piece of paper” was carefully devised by signers of the Constitution (the word Mr. Obama could not muster through all the tears) to protect the citizenry from onerous government overreach leading to tyranny. Yet during this dangerous moment in time, isn’t it ironic there are those in government pushing their foot into that proverbial door? This is only a start. Registration could well lead to confiscation. It is not your neighbor across the way or the fella on the bar stool next to you whom the power to regulate rests, its government.

Aside from this over reach of Congress, the main problem most Americans have with Obama is his penchant for lying. History will recall his litany of lies. Statements he may make today are often altered or dismissed tomorrow. Remember the old lies such as “if you like your insurance…” or “Islam is a peaceful religion”? Respected polls clearly show the majority of Americans do not trust Obama and with good reason. His smug disdain for those who “cling to their guns and religion” indicate something far more serious than mere contempt. The most heavily protected and guarded individual in the world has a lot nerve to suggest others be less protected. Hollywood’s blubbery liberal pair, Michael Moore and Rosie O’Donnell, represent that same level of insane hypocrisy. Standing beside their personal armed security detail from a mote surrounded compound, they demean the rest of us gun toting’ goons in fly-over country. You can bet your lottery ticket; they are unwilling to disarm.

With ISIS infiltration into all 50 States, a suicidal porous southern border, Obama’s unleashing thousands of hardened criminals, sanctuary cities protecting rapists and murderers, the continued influx of un-vetted Muslims and a collapsing foreign affairs; you would think the President’s agenda would provide for more protection not less.

Obama’s last year in office is upon us. He is charging forward with his radical leftist agenda and there are still millions blindly supporting him. We must fight to preserve our right to bear arms without government intervention. Our freedom is challenged and could be usurped by an Administration overflowing with crocodile tears.

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