Illegal Alien Gets a Free Education

Short of buying a house, paying for college is the number one expense any American will incur in our lifetimes. And today some Ivy League and specialty universities can run well above what the average home might cost.
Brent Smith
I have a personal friend whose son is attending one of these universities which cater to a special type of science and engineering for which the tab is around $70,000 per year. This poor kid will be paying off his student loans until he retires. This may be a slight exaggeration, but only slight.
Sure, he was able to apply for and receive some assistance in the form of grants through the school, but it doesn’t amount to much, relative to the overall expense.
So when I read this, I about fell out of my seat. CNS reports that, “Sarah Espinoza Salamanca found it hard to find money for college after graduating from North Hollywood high school in Southern California. She was brought to the state illegally from Mexico by her parents when she was four, but following a free K-12 education, she faced paying tuition for college – something she could not afford.”
My knee-jerk reaction was to exclaim, which I did out loud – boo-freaking-hoo! Poor illegal immigrant brought to our country illegally, which means her and her family is not supposed to be here in the first place and after receiving an entirely free American education (as well as a myriad of other freebies) now has the nerve to whine about having to pay for college.
That is bad enough, but it gets worse. Rather than sucking it up and finding a way to pay for college, or just not going, “Salamancadecided to find a way to help illegal aliens gain access to college scholarships…”
She created an app called the DREAMer’s Roundup. Only inAmerica! The app creates a database of scholarships for illegals and already has at least 500 available. That’s 500 scholarship programs willing to give illegal aliens free money for college while my friend’s son, a lifelong citizen has to take out massive loans. That doesn’t sound completely upside down or anything.
She told a local California PBS radio station (of course) that, “It is going to be a roadmap to the road of the journey that we lead every day of uncertainty. This would be their guide to college. It will give them hope.”
Think it couldn’t get any more surreal? Read on.
She won a rather sizable prize for creating the app that allows funds, which would otherwise be used to defray the cost of actual citizens, to be siphoned off to support people who shouldn’t be here.
In total, she received $125,000 – $100,000 from a contest called the “Voto Latinos Innovator Challenge.” Voto Latinos is an ultra-leftist organization garnering at least 74% of their money from other ultra-leftist foundations such as the Ford foundation, the AFL-CIO, the Environmental Defense Fund and the Rosenberg foundation, which is off-the-rails leftist.
She received the additional 25k from “an anonymous donor.” It was probably somebody like La Raza or another rabid illegal alien promoting organization. I have no way of knowing, but I bet I’m at least close.
I can’t blame this girl for doing what she has and is. I might have done the same thing. I get that it’s not her fault, but for her to at any time complain about having to pay for school when so many American citizens are struggling to do so, is disingenuous at best.
But all is now well thanks to the Obama illegal DREAM Act. She now has her green card and is attending a four-year college. And neither she nor her family ever has to pay a price for sneaking into our country. 
Life is good for Salamanca.
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