The War Has Begun Now That ISIS Has Sufficient Forces In Place

We’ve learned some important things about the attacks and the attackers of the Paris massacre. We’ve learned that ISIS evidently either coordinated the attacks or granted operational authority to what I’ve coined Wilayat Paris. And it appears the coordination efforts came through Belgium, where at least two of the radical Islamists have been discovered to be from the same neighborhood.
Brent Smith
Some have asked why they have waited until now to strike? Terrorists have been threatening for years that they plan to attack us and Europe. Virtually since it’s forming the new ISIS caliphate has been threatening attacks. So what’s taken so long?
Well Europe, and to a lesser extent America, has many majority Muslim regions. They’ve been coming for years and settling in major cities across Europe. Anyone who understands “Civilization Jihad” knows this is how radical Islam has always intended to conquer the West.
We don’t actually think the flood of refugees is to escape the “war torn” regions of Iraq and Syria, do we? To be sure, some have – but when the majority of these “refugees” are young males of “fighting age,” should we not be questioning why? Some estimates are higher than 70% of the “refugees” are young men. Of course, why would people question it if they see these mass migrations through the filter of the main stream liberal press, who only show and report on women and children.
These Muslim refugees are certainly not all escaping the fight. They are in fact an ISIS Trojan Horse. They pray on the sympathy and empathy of the West – knowing full well where the soft targets are – the easy marks. The Palestinian terrorists have been doing it toIsrael for decades – faking casualties and funerals and blaming the “carnage” on ruthless Israeli attacks. And we in West predictable fall for the theatre every time. Recall the reaction of the entire West when one dead child washed up on a beach in Turkey. I felt terrible also, but who’s to say it wasn’t all staged. I’ll bet it was. And boy did it ever work – for after that the West allowed the “refugee” floodgates to really open. Recall that it was after this event that American politicians began the push to bring thousands of them here. We feel so bad – let them all in – and they did, not giving a thought to the suicidal course they were charting.
So where are the jihadists settling? They are heading for Europe’s many No-Go Zones, of which the left likes to deny their existence. And this is where at least two of the Paris jihadists were from – a neighborhood in Brussels Belgium known as Molenbeek.
“Molenbeek is a working class neighborhood in Brussels with a high Muslim population, which has been linked to jihadism several times over the years.” So far seven people have been arrested in this district with ties to the Parisattacks. The British paper, the Guardian, has penned it as “Europe’s Jihadi Central.”
The Belgian government has admitted that they do not “have control of the situation in Molenbeek.”
These “No-Go Zones” are run as virtual States within a State, where those of other denominations are unwelcome (to say the least), Sharia Law trumps all and even police don’t venture in, unless en masse. There are many of the zones, such as those inGermany, Sweden, Belgium, France and the U.K., where some may recognize names like Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest.
In the U.S. – none is more famous, or infamous, than DearbornMichigan. They are fast becoming completely segregated, closed-off societies.
So knowing what we know about these No-Go Zones, is it really much of a stretch to then assume that jihadists are hold up here in Dearbornistan, just waiting to be “activated,” like those in Paris? And is also then not much of a stretch to surmise that they may very well be receiving and conducting urban combat training within these zones, without our authorities knowing about it. I mean, why travel all the way to Syria or Iraq to receive terrorist training when there is a safe zone right here.
Many have said we must fight them over there so we avoid fighting them here, but that ship has sailed. As I said – many are already here, and if Obama has his way, thousands more will be arriving soon.
We, like Europe are at war with radical Islam. Europe just happens to the first front, but it is coming here. More precisely, it’s already here and just waiting for the right time to kick off. That we choose not to recognize it, as has our president et al, is immaterial. 
I believe ISIS has taken this long to “kick off” attacks in order to martial sufficient forces in several regions to wreck havoc on the West. Their leadership has evidently concluded they have enough to begin.
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