The Worldwide Immigration Problem Is Proof of the Dark Side of Human Nature

There is one absolute constant in the world. It doesn’t discriminate between black, white, yellow or red. It doesn’t care what gender you are or you’re preference. It’s not concerned how much money or status you have, or where you hail from originally. This constant is human nature. It’s the same no matter where you are on the globe. If one is human, one is controlled by human nature.
Brent Smith
Human nature has a good and benevolent side, but it also has a flip side that many succumb to.  A side that has a tendency to push us toward darker places – to put ourselves before others – to get what we can get, without much thought to how it may negatively affect others. It is a source of constant struggle, for those who recognize it.
So when we see and hear of millions of illegals streaming over our southern border, we should wonder if they, as the left asserts, are all coming to America to work hard, pay their fare share and provide a better life for their families – that they just want their own American dream.
Or, is it more likely that most of them are being driven by the flip side of human nature – to get what they can get, without regard to how it may affect American citizens. Just which side of the coin is controlling them?
Some would say this is preposterous, and a very jaded view of these innocent DREAMers.
To that I say – just look at where the majority of illegals end up. That’s right – in liberal cities and states that provide the largest, easiest to obtain handouts.
Now, as I said – human nature is not peculiar to this side of the pond. Europe is now feeling the pinch like they never have.
Sure, most of these “refugees” appear to be just trying to escape untenable situations in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.  It would seem they should be satisfied with that – but it’s once they finally receive passage into Europe that the baser side of human nature kicks in, as it does here in the States. Their immigrants and refugees are no different from those who are crashing the gates of America.
Just this past weekend 12,000 “refugees” made it to Austria.
Of the 12,000 asylum seekers, only 20 sought asylum in the country. The rest moved on to Germany.
We’ve all witnessed the scenes on the Hungarian border, as refugees stream over the border from Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan. But again, a lot of them are moving on through Austria – destination Germany and Sweden.
And why is this? Why aren’t they just happy to be safe from the war torn regions they’ve escaped? “One migrant was asked why he doesn’t want to stay in Hungary. He replied: ‘[Hungary is] not giving us like in Germany… a house, money…’ In addition to receiving free clothing, food, housing and healthcare, migrants inGermany also get a monthly cash payment of €143 ($160), compared to only €40 ($45) per month in Austria.”
“Germany and Sweden are the final destinations of choice for most migrants, lured by the generous benefits they can claim, and the governments’ message that refugees are welcome in unlimited numbers. The open-door immigration policies could draw millions of Muslims into Europe from the Middle East and North Africa.”
In fact, after the tragic scene of that young dead boy discovered on the Turkish beach, the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel has announced that Germany will accommodate 800,000 migrants this year, and 500,000 per year going forward.
This will, of course, put a huge strain on the German economy, which will eventually fold under the weight of the massive influx.
If one wanted to change the face of Europe, one could not devise a better plan than this. Now who might wish to crush the white, European, Christian race and culture once and for all? Why – might it be the Muslims? Naah. They would never succumb to the dark side of human nature – would they?
“In Bulgaria, five jihadists posing as refugees were arrested on August 28 while trying to cross the border. Police became suspicious after the five men, Albanians aged between 20 and 24, attempted to bribe the border guards with 175 euros ($195) each. A subsequent search found that the men were carrying Islamic State propaganda, including videos of decapitations.” But that’s just five guys. What harm could they do?
It’s a sad state of affairs in Europe as it is here, but the Europeans are going to have put a stop to this massive influx, one way or another, or they will end up being overrun and eventually conquered.
It’s doubtful anyone will be able to convince the “refugees” to turn away from the darker side of human nature. Therefore the only choice the Europeans have is to at least temper their benevolent side and begin to refuse these migrants. It’s that or eventually lose their entire culture.
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