In Time There May Be a Place for Us

The world has gone completely mad. Islamists are murdering people on every continent. Some in banking sectors are warning that a global financial meltdown is imminent. And here in America, what could have and should have been the beginning of a political reformation – a referendum against corruption and progressivism instead has us choosing between a crook and a progressive.
Brent Smith
As I’ve said many times – no matter how bad things are here, the rest of the world is worse. But maybe not. There actually is a nation who at least appears to want to better itself.
Just when it seems all hope is lost, Great Britain is showing signs of sanity. First came the famous Brexit vote, where English citizens decided they were tired of being ruled by European Union oligarchs in Brussels.
Remember the left’s cries of gloom and doom? Remember the claims by elitists that the British people had a “temper tantrum?” Recall the dire warnings of a catastrophic world financial meltdown – that stock markets would tank, etc.
Of course none of these predictions have materialized as of yet and probably won’t to the extent they predicted.
Then there was the swift and tearful exit of British Prime Minister Cameron and an even swifter entrance of new PM Theresa May – the first female Prime Minister since the late great Margaret Thatcher.
Almost immediately PM May began sacking people, replacing them with her own, which to elites is bad enough. This angered the elitists, but perhaps the straw which broke their proverbial camel’s back was announced just a day or so ago.
PM May has done the unimaginable. She shuttered Britain‘s official department of climate change. Yep – you did read that correctly. The new government in a country who for decades has been all in on the lie that is man-made climate change has closed the entire department.
Liberal politicians and “experts” say that, “The decision to abolish the Department for Energy and Climate Change [DECC] has been variously condemned as ‘plain stupid,’ ‘deeply worrying’ and ‘terrible.’”
The responsibility for climate related matters will shift to a new department known as the “Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.”
The new Environment Secretary, Andrea Leadsom, made headlines last year as Energy Minister  when she had the utter gall to ask: “Is climate change real?” Her voting record indicates she doesn’t buy it, as “she generally voted against key measures to stop climate change, including against setting a target on reducing carbon emissions in both 2012 and 2016.” Oh the horror!
This folks, is a great sign! An even greater sign is the reaction of Britain‘s left to her appointment and the new department as a whole.
England‘s former Labour Leader, leftist Ed Miliband, tweeted: “DECC abolition just plain stupid. Climate not even mentioned in new department title. Matters because department shape priorities, shape outcomes.”
Greenpeace UK’s John Sauven said: “The voting record and affiliation with climate skeptics of key cabinet appointees are deeply worrying. They show a lack of understanding posed by climate change to the UK and the world.”
This just keeps getting better, doesn’t it. How about this?
The new secretary plans to bring back foxhunting (Tally-Ho) and selloff state-owned forests. You mean to the dreaded private sector? Yep!
But others in government have assured the panicked left that, “Nothing is changing. The commitment [to deal with climate change] is still there.” 
Only time will tell, but initial indications emerging from the new British government are that Great Britain may eventually become a safe haven for the same. And they speak English! Well – kind of.
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