Tisha B’Av: The Jewish People Live — Betar & Ze’ev Jabotinsky

On Tisha B’av, the Jewish day of mourning for: the destruction: of the First and the Second Jewish Temple, the: Betar Fortress: was destroyed by the Roman Empire during the Bar Kochba revolt. The destruction of Betar in 135 put an end to the last Jewish revolt against Rome, and effectively quashed any Jewish dreams of freedom with the expulsion of the Jews from the Land of Judea.

Many years later, in 1923: Ze’ev Jabotinsky: founded the Betar movement – a Zionist youth movement which remembers the Jewish fort of Bar Kokhba (as well as Joseph Trumpeldor, the leader of the Jewish settlers that were killed at Tel Hai defending against Arabs). Jabotinsky’s Betar created new, proud,: tough Jews: who were trained to be “proud, generous, and fierce” for the Jewish people.

With Tisha B’Av approaching, it is vitally important to remember the words of: Ze’ev Jabotinsky: which are still so relevant today:

  • “The fundamental root of the historical truth is contained within this belief: I believe (and I am proud of this belief) that at the root of our two thousand years of suffering is our refusal to surrender.” Jewish life isn’t easy.
  • “The student must acquire just two branches of knowledge: how to speak Hebrew — and how to give a smack in the face.”: : : Thankfully the Israel Defense Forces knows Jewish self-defense, and Jewish life.
  • “Human society is based on mutuality; remove mutuality and justice turns into a lie. That same person who is taking a walk on the street has a right to live only because, and to the same degree, he recognizes my right to live; but if he has in mind to kill me, he has not, in my opinion any right to exist — and this rule also applies to nations…the world must be a place of mutual surety. If we are speaking about life, all have the right to live, and if destruction is destined. It must apply to everyone.: : There is no such morality which permits the glutton to eat to his heart’s content, while allowing the abstemious person to die of hunger across the fence.”: The abstemious person is clearly the Jews, who have only 1 country — and the: Eretz Yisrael — all this land has and all that is glorified in it — belongs to us, to the people of Israel.: Arab nations have many countries and want the Jewish state as well.
  • “God’s name is not Unity but Truth.”: Fight for what is right.

o: : : : “Silence is despicable, it leads to a loss of flesh and blood.”

On the eve of Tisha B’Av lets recall the words of: Ze’ev Jabotinsky: in his writings on Samson:: : “Tell them [the Jewish People] three things in my name, and not two: they must get iron [i.e. weapons]; they must choose a king; and they must learn to laugh.”

The Jewish people is eternal — Am Israel Chai.

Ronn Torossian: is a Jewish philanthropist who owns a NY PR Firm,: 5WPR.

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