Top 10 Reasons Not to Re-elect Obama (Part 2 of 3)

The New York Times reported, “With waning approval ratings and a stagnant economy, the possibility that Mr. Obama will not be re-elected has entered the political bloodstream.” It’s more than entered; it’s flowing strong.

Last week in Part 1, I began to list my Top 10 reasons not to re-elect President Obama. Though I would encourage readers to read the details of each of those points, here they are in summary:

10) Obama’s economic actions have failed to lower the unemployment rate in the U.S. below 8 percent for last 42 record months.

9) The Obama administration’s out-of-control spending has lead America to the economic brink and destroyed our country’s credit rating.

8) Obama’s reckless spending and fiscal policies have added more to the national debt than most U.S. presidents combined: roughly $6 trillion in his first term in office (making the total debt nearly $16 trillion, and by White House projections alone, $21.3 trillion by the end of fiscal 2017, $25 trillion in 2021 and $25.9 trillion in 2022).

7) Obama has not only detrimentally increased the costs of entitlements but the dependency of citizens upon government subsidies, rather than empowering the people’s autonomy, responsibility and freedom.

6) Obama demeans private enterprise and the entrepreneurial spirit — the very heart of America — and instead believes that “only” government is our savior.

Here are a few more unquestionable justifications for ousting him from office.

5) President Obama has left the U.S. in a weaker and more disrespected position in the global community.

In 2009, President Obama began his presidency by humiliating our superpower nation and parading U.S. weaknesses and mistakes to the world on what many now call his “apology tour,” in which he embarked on global travel with his apologetic Top 10 decries of America, as detailed by the Heritage Foundation.

And is the U.S. better off among the nations?

The Washington Times report that, according to a poll by even two left-leaning groups, “A majority of Americans say the United States is less respected in the world than two years ago and believe President Obama and other Democrats fall short of Republicans on the issue of national security.”

In February 2012, Gallup reported that “Americans continue to express much greater dissatisfaction than satisfaction with the United States’ position in the world, and their views have improved little since hitting a low point in 2008.”

The Bipartisan Policy Center, including many of the original 9/11 Commission members, reported on national preparedness 10 years after those catastrophic terrorist attacks: “Our country is undoubtedly safer and more secure than it was a decade ago,” but “we fail to achieve the security we could or should have.” The report concluded that the federal government has failed to meet nine of the original 9/11 Commission’s 41 recommendations.

And what is President Obama’s response? He plans to initiate more than $500 billion in automatic cuts to the defense budget over a decade, starting next January. And Bloomberg Businessweek recently reported that Obama’s Democratic-controlled Senate voted to authorize another reduced Pentagon war and defense-related spending package.

4) Obama has broken or unfulfilled 324 campaign promises.

In the over 500 promises Obama made during his campaign and presidency, even the pro-Obama PolitiFact website and their Obamameter has rated his scorecard: 184 promises kept, 60 compromised, 71 broken, 61 stalled, 130 in the works and two not yet rated. What that verbiage means is that even according to the political left, Obama has fulfilled 184 promises and left 324 pledges broken and unfulfilled.

In 2010, feeling a bit defensive and maybe insecure, Obama fired back in anger to those who were accusing him of selling out by breaking so many of his campaign promises. Wielding his verbose verbal sword, the president retorted: “Take a tally. Look at what I promised during the campaign. There’s not a single thing that I’ve said that I would do that I have not either done or tried to do. And if I haven’t gotten it done yet, I’m still trying to do it.”

“Not a single thing?”

That’s right — it’s 324 single things.

3) Through his presidency, President Obama is invoking and enabling a radically progressive secular state in the U.S.

In 2010, before his run for the presidency, Newt Gingrich stated on the tour for his insightful book “To Save America” that the Obama regime is “the most radical administration in America’s history. This is a secular socialist machine … deeply opposed to God being in public life, deeply opposed to religious values defining how we think about things … they clearly represent a value system that any reasonable person would call secular … on a scale that is the opposite of the Founding Fathers.”

When New York churches can no longer meet in public school settings, a federal court orders a Rhode Island public school to remove a prayer banner that has been posted for over five decades (and it complies), the federal government mandates Catholic institutions to cover abortion-inducing drugs, contraceptives and sterilization (at no cost to the patient), the U.S. Air Force removes “God” from the motto of the Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office, the National Park Service omits the words “Laus Deo” (Latin, “Praise be to God”) from a Washington Monument capstone replica, atheists continue to contest “under God” in our Pledge of Allegiance, town councils can’t pray to start their meetings, evangelical pillars like Franklin Graham are subdued by gotcha-gangs in the mainstream media and cultural icons like football superstar Tim Tebow can’t even bow in silent prayer without criticism, etc., you can be assured that religious liberty (and Christianity, in particular) is under assault by secular progressives across America. And leading the national charge is none other than our own president, Barack Obama.

Is it any wonder Obama hasn’t fought for a single Christian cause or crisis in culture? Is it any surprise that his ethical campaign promises have fallen flat?

Remember when Obama promised during his 2008 campaign to “clean up both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue” with “the most sweeping ethics reform in history.” He repeatedly declared that “an Obama administration is going to have the toughest ethics laws of any administration in history.”

Who are you kidding, Mr. President?

(In Part 3 next week, I will complete my Top 10 reasons not to re-elect President Obama.)

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