Trump Supporters Are A Strange Lot

There is something strange about Trump supporters. I call them Trumpsters. Not all, but many. This feeling was confirmed last week while attending the CPAC Conference in D.C. Their stubbornness and refusal to acknowledge “The Donald’s” flip-flopping, his shifting waves of sand and WWF grade school bullying tactics is strange. It is also strange how these so-called conservatives refuse to aknowledge his well-documented history of supporting liberal causes and politicians including past donations to the democratic front runner, Hillary Clinton.

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I bet the storage rooms at the Trump Organization are packed full of canceled checks signed by “The Donald” himself and endorsed by leftists. But tell that to one of those robotic Trump supporters and your words become short circuited to their brain. To a Trumpster, facts do not compute. You might hear the tired retreads of his perceived toughness or business acumen. But hey! He is going to make “America great again” and “win, win, win” – right?

Isn’t this a bit too familiar and reminiscent of the campaign rhetoric that won the White House for the current occupant? Void of substance, Obama’s campaign inspired millions just like Trump’s. “Change” was Obama’s moniker and blaming Bush was all he had. Too many Americans just heard “change” – not understanding that change that was about to occur would zap much of America’s exceptionalism, leadership and power. He has amassed unprecedented debt, deficits and presides over a world in chaos much to his making. Are Trumpsters blindly embracing the same – a rerun of slogans without substance?

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We are smarter and deserve better.

Initially, there was much ado about Trump to trumpet. I was a Trumpster too. He seemed to speak with common sense as he advocated building that wall long ago promised but – “make Mexico pay for it”? That was weird. He swore to stop Muslim immigration particularly from regions where their own despotic leaders call for our anniliation. Ok, I wholeheartily agreed. Trump referred to our leaders as basically “stupid” and incapable of negotiating good deals particularly relating to our relationship with China – check mark! Without specifics, “The Donald” is going to stop China’s currency manipulation of the dollar and bring American companies home. He promised to halt migration of businesses from our shores. All of this sounded pretty swell even though experts predict he would cause widespread inflation and tariff wars. Like so many, I initially brushed aside those warnings.

Yes, I was a trumpster but not a strange one. My ears and eyes remained well focused and tuned as the Republican field has/had impressive talent. I was listening carefully when Trump hesitantly and cautiously “disavowed”any association with the race-baiting, derelict klansman David Duke. Trump’s moral equivalency between the Israelis defending their citizens from Palestinian terrorists was also stunning. He declared he would be “neutral” in that protracted conflict. There is no defense of Arab terrorism. My flame soon flickered. I am glad the real Mr. Trump emerged for those of us paying attention. My, how rehab can be cleansing. Cruz and Rubio seem more sensible to this ex-Trumpster.

Americans must demand more from those vying to occupy the most important leadership position in the world including specific answers to important issues. Stubby fingers and the dimensions of other related body parts hardly qualify. Let us move beyond the sound bites and demand answers. Of course, that would require media talking heads to ask relevant questions about ISIS, Muslim immigration, Russian and Chinese aggression, North Korea and Iran’s nuclear ambitions and the ticking debt time bomb which may soon overshadow all of the above. But today’s media elite are more interested in name calling and gossip. They are having fun. A good food fight between candidates or a falling out with Megan Kelly is a media ratings winner. The only loser is a concerned consituency in a strife-torn embattled world.

Be that as it may, come election day, there is no way I could vote for the other side; a pathological liar whose tenure as Secretary of State may have years of troubling ramifications to our security or an old socialist only a delusional potentate could love. If it comes to “The Donald”, I would rather take the chance the Trumpsters were right all along; albeit how strange they are.

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