Is Trump Using the Democrat Playbook?

Is it just me, or do most of the male Trump supporters who call into Talk Radio sound like characters from one of the Godfather movies? It’s like: “Next Caller… Okay – you’re on.” “Yo – this is Vinny and I’m a Trump supportah. And if you don’t support Trump, me and the boys will come work youze ovah.” I’m sorry – that was Trump’s campaign manager.
Brent Smith
But seriously, listening to the people who call into Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity in support of The Donald are as unhinged as were the Obamites in 2008 – and about as well informed. They seem to call in to Rush and Sean because neither has taken a position and appear to be more sympathetic to Trump.
To date, I have yet to hear a single cogent argument for Trump, or against new public enemy number one – Ted Cruz. And did you know, according to the Trumpists, Ted Cruz is now a Washingtoninsider? Go figure.
Evidently, he is now being branded as a traitor to the “outsider” cause due to the moderates and Washington elites who are beginning to assemble behind him.
A perfect example of this type of caller is one who got through to Rush on Wednesday. He began by saying Cruz is an insider because Lindsey Graham, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, etc. now support Cruz. As if Cruz courted them or had any say in their endorsements.
The caller told Rush that these moderates are going to destroy Cruz from the inside because “he’s buddying up to these people and the Tea Party hates every single one of them. What is Cruz doing?”
To his credit Rush explained that these politicians are trying to save themselves by attaching to the only guy left whose name is not Trump. Limbaugh said that Cruz is clearly not an insider. But logic fell on deaf ears as it does with these Trumpists – just as it did with Obama supporters in 2008.
The Trump guy insisted that it is “hypocrisy in action right there. If you are outsider truly, ditch the PAC, Ted, run as an outsider on your own money. Put your big money where your big mouth is and run it like Trump is doing.” Is this ignorance on display or what?
Does this moron not realize that Cruz is not a billionaire? He has no “big money.” And by the way, mister “self funding” is merely loaning his campaign money, not donating it. The campaign is required to pay The Donald back every dime. Now that’s a commitment to your own campaign – eh Donald!
So I guess it’s hypocrisy to have to raise money for your campaign. That’s absurd and idiotic. I suppose the caller then thought Reagan was also an insider, as he too relied on others to contribute.
Now, if we see Cruz begin to change his positions, to moderate somewhat, then I’d say this caller has a point. But Ted hasn’t and I predict he won’t. Rush explained that this exact thing happened to Reagan – that the establishment hated him too, but eventually coalesced behind him and even feigned liking him.
I hate to say it, but these Trump supporters appear to be even worse than the fainting Obama followers of the 2008 campaign. At least the Obamites had an excuse for their ignorance.
Obama was a blank slate in 2008. No one knew anything about him, except those of us who really looked into his background. Because he was a virtual unknown he could be anything his supporters wanted him to be. They could project on him their own hopes and dreams and he, in their eyes, magically became the candidate they envisioned. He became anything they wanted him to be.
Trump, on the other hand, is far from an unknown. He has been in the public eye for decades and has a well documented history for all to see. And this makes it far worse than the virtual unknown Obama. Conservatives are supposed to more thoughtful than the average voter. They shouldn’t be susceptible to celebrity or hollow speeches. Yet evidently they are.
Trump supporters cover their eyes and ears – refusing to witness all evidence of decades of flip-flops. They have made a conscious decision to discount everything Trump has said and done in the past and choose instead to trust only his words today. These same supporters would never do the same for another.  
It defies all logic. And I guess that’s the point. Trump’s entire campaign is pure emotion, as if it were forged from the democrat playbook.
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