Unhinged And Creepy Lunacy From The Left

Under the best of circumstances, liberals do not tend to be logical or realistic about much of anything except their chances of electing more liberals. But since 9/11, the left has gotten progressively crazier and more hysterical almost by the week. How big has the reality disconnect gotten?

Bartcop’s Political Humor, a web site that has multiple pictures up that compare George Bush to a Nazi, had this to say…

“Freedom? When’s the last time we saw any freedom in the United States?”

In an interview with Steve Earle, the left-wing British paper ‘The Independent‘ speculated that Earle might be ARRESTED AND HELD WITHOUT TRIAL for criticizing Bush…

“…So far, his enshrined right to free speech has allowed him to speak his mind openly on such matters; but under the sweeping provisions of the so-called Patriot Act, he could probably be arrested and held without trial for giving aid and succour to the enemy by criticising the President’s plans.”

One of left’s most beloved cartoonists, Ted ‘Terror Widows‘ Rall apparently believes that: dissent is no longer allowed in the US: — even as he dissents…

“We’ve lost a great deal during the past year. For one thing, the September 11 attacks became a pretend president’s pretext to eviscerate the First Amendment and other basic rights. Stifling even the slightest whimpers of dissent may end up killing the two-party political system, long crippled and ineffectual, once and for all.”

A large contingent of lefties at the: Democratic Underground Forums: have become convinced that Bush actually planned and executed 9/11 or at least allowed it to happen — despite: public confessions: from members of al-Queda. Here’s an example…

“I’m ashamed to admit I can’t remember when it dawned on me that Bush knew. I know it was in the first couple weeks and the Chimp was on TV, when my jaw dropped and I screamed “You knew, you sob” I knew it then in my gut and from all I’ve read since, I know it in my heart and mind now.”

Counterpunch: posted a now infamous poem by New Jersey poet laureate Amiri Bakara that repeats the oft disproven lie that Jews didn’t go to the WTC on 9/11 (among other things)…

“Who set the Reichstag Fire

Who knew the World Trade Center was gonna get bombed
Who told 4000 Israeli workers at the Twin Towers
To stay home that day
Why did Sharon stay away?

Incidentally,: Bakara believes: that the US, Israel, Germany, France, Russia and England all knew that 9/11 was going to occur and says that the, ‘Democratic Party is saying the same thing.’

This sort of unhinged and creepy lunacy is spreading like a virus through the left and not just on the fringes. Snapping them out of it is nearly impossible. Reminding them of 9/11 doesn’t help, it’s already an irrelevant historical event to them that no longer has anything to do with what we’re doing today. They will generally admit that Saddam Hussein is dangerous, but their words have the hollow ring of a mental patient telling a doctor that, ‘I really don’t think I’m Jesus anymore so can you please take the straitjacket off?’ They’re so paranoid that Conservatives can never get through to them. In fact, just mentioning this editorial to them will probably cause them to start screaming, “police state, police state, police state” while they start looking for the brown shirts who they believe are about to haul them away to a FEMA internment camp.

So that’s why we need liberals to step up — the ones who are still sane — to try to snap their comrades on the left out of their psychosis. Your first step will be to take them to a secure location where you can convince them that they’re safe from ‘agents of the government’ who may be watching them (allow them to put on their tinfoil hats if it’ll make them feel better). Then explain to them that they’re not going to be rounded up and taken away for not agreeing with George Bush, that al-Queda carried out 9/11, and that there are ‘bad people’ in the world who want to hurt us. At this point, they may very well start screaming, “the voices in my head say you’re trying to trick me” as they ram their heads into the wall over and over. But if you stay firm, if you stay strong, you can help bring them back to reality. However, I do have one word of warning. Unless you have two or three friends nearby to help restrain them, never, ever, explain to them that it’s, “not about the oil.” That much truth can even bring strong liberals to their knees…

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