Vote for Obama: Get Peter Beinart & Anti-Israel Advisors

President Obama is being consulted on Mid-East Policy by a group of nine journalists – which includes some who are downright Anti-Israel, and clearly unrepresentative of Americans views towards Israel. Amongst this group of nine Israel advisors includes at least one who calls for a boycott of Israel, and another who calls Israel an “apartheid” state. Would Obama have advisors who called for any other democratic nation to be boycotted, or described anyone of America’s other closest strategic allies in such egregious terms?

Obama had an off-the-record meeting late this week with The New Yorker’s David Remnick and Jane Mayer, Time Magazine’s Joe Klein, Newsweek’s Peter Beinart, The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, The New York Times’s Carla Robbins, The Wall Street Journal’s Gerald Seib, The Los Angeles Times’s Doyle McManus, and David Ignatius of the Washington Post. This group consists of some radical fringe extremists who are dangerous to Israel. Amongst this group:

  • Remnick says: “A new generation of Jews is growing up in the US. Their relationship with Israel is becoming less patient and more problematic. They see what has happened with the Rabbinical Letter [proscribing rental and sale of property to Arabs — DR], for example. How long can you expect that they’ll love unconditionally the place called Israel [sic]? You’ve got a problem. You have the status of an occupier since 1967. It’s been happening for so long that even people like me, who understand that not only one side is responsible for the conflict and that the Palestinians missed an historic opportunity for peace in 2000, can’t take it anymore” The man has described Israel repeatedly as undemocratic.
  • Peter Beinart is an extremist – who has called for parts of Israel to be boycotted – and day after day rants against Israel. (Despite responding to other articles I have written, he is yet to respond to my most simple challenge – offering him $100K to give the identical speech he gives in Jewish forums to Arab forums. Wonder why?)
  • Klein has defended Iran and said that Iran’s purpose of having a nuclear bomb is “just to deter Israel and Pakistan.”

How can Obama even pretend to support Israel with people like this at his side? Remnick, Beinart and Klein are non-stop critics of Israel. This week with Israel moving for a unity government, the left has virtually no representation in Israel – and Benjamin Netanyahu will clearly be Prime Minister at the time of the US election campaign. And even with these liberal extremists consulting Obama, Netanyahu remains a disciple of the great Zionist leader Ze’ev Jabotinsky who said: “Everybody is wrong and you alone are right?’ No doubt this question springs by itself to the reader’s lips and mind. It is customary to answer this with apologetic phrases to the effect that I fully respect public opinion, that I bow to it, that I was glad to make concessions….All this is unnecessary, and all this is untrue. You cannot believe in anything in the world, if you admit even once that perhaps your opponents are right, and not you. This is not the way to do things. There is but one truth in the world, and it is all yours.”

Netanyahu and the Government of Israel will stand strong clearly knowing that in Israel – and amongst American Jewry, these viewpoints have nearly no voice. A few months ago, the Obama campaign made the video “America and Israel – an Unbreakable Bond” – that so-called bond is clearly further to the left than J Street.

At my PR Agency, we are in the business of shaping minds and telling stories – advisors are key to positioning stories. The Democratic President’s advisors on Israel believe in boycotting Israel and that the only democracy in the Middle East is an apartheid state – Voting Obama means a vote for Peter Beinart and other Anti-Israel forces.

Ronn Torossian is the CEO of 5WPR, a leading PR firm and Author of “For Immediate Release”, a leading PR book.

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