What One Conservative Believes…

Since this is an election year, Democrats will be trying to scare voters with every smear, slander, and lie they can make-up about Conservatives and Republicans. Instead of letting them define what people like me believe, let me tell you what I believe in.

I’m not rich but I don’t resent people who are. I don’t get bent out of shape about how much money people have, what they want to do with it, or why they’re not giving me any of it. It’s their money, not mine.

I believe that anyone who wants to become an American citizen should learn English and should want to assimilate into our culture. If they don’t intend to be loyal American citizens I’d rather they not live here.

The government spends way too much of our money. In fact, there’s no need for the government to ever take in a larger percentage of our income in taxes than it’s taking in now. If our leaders want to spend more money on a program then they can do what all of us do; reduce their spending elsewhere or just save the money.

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I don’t think that being a politician should be a lifetime job. There isn’t anyone in Congress who couldn’t easily be replaced by thousands of local government officials, businessmen, and community leaders.

Public schools in America are not doing poorly because they’re under funded, they’re doing poorly because they have no competition. That’s why I believe letting parents choose which school their tax dollars go to with vouchers would radically transform the quality of America’s schools for the better.

I think MLK would be sad that conservatives are now the real champions of a colorblind America while America’s “civil rights leaders” are doing everything they possibly can to separate Americans by race.

I don’t care what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own bedrooms. However, if they go public with their deviancy and demand that everyone give it their stamp of approval then they should expect scathing criticism.

I’m anti-abortion but it’s not because I want to control women’s bodies or because I want to deny anyone their “right to choose.” I believe that life begins at conception. Because of that, I don’t see any difference between aborting your baby and drowning him to death in a bathtub. Since I feel that way, what sort of sociopath would I be if I were pro-abortion?

Whether it has to do with drilling in Alaska, water rights in Klamath Falls, or animal testing, I favor the interests of humans over animals every time.

I don’t think there is any such thing as being “compassionate” with someone else’s tax money.

I see no need to call myself a “compassionate” Conservative. Conservatism doesn’t need a modifier because telling people the truth and being dedicated to doing things that work is intrinsically more compassionate than liberalism, which does neither.

I absolutely agree that we should have a separation between church and state. However, having separation between church and state does not imply that the government has to act as if it’s run by hostile atheists. A government that is antagonistic towards religion is almost as bad as government that is controlled by religion. We need to strive to make sure that our government walks a fair and balanced line between the two positions without coming down on either side.

It’s my belief that we should have elections in mid-May instead of November so people’s taxes will be fresh in their minds when they vote.

I think the greatest gift G-d could give a man is to allow him to be an American.

I’ve always said that it’s a waste of time to try to sway liberals with logic. If they were logical people they wouldn’t be liberals to begin with.

Last but not least, I don’t think you should believe the Democrats when they tell you lies about Conservatives like me. When they tell you I want to take your grandparents social security away, don’t buy it because I have parents on social security too. When they claim that I want to put arsenic in your water and pollute the environment, understand that I live in the same country you do and I don’t want to breathe dirty air or drink poison water either. When they tell you I want to see kids starve, remember that I know what it’s like to try to buy a week’s worth of food for $10 and I don’t wish that on anyone.

There is one thing they’re right about though. I do occasionally fit the profile of an “angry, white male” when left-wingers try to convince people that their “anti-conservative” propaganda is true. That’s why ever so often I like to let people know what I really believe.

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