What’s Holding Obama Up?

Why does President Obama boast an average approval rating of 48 percent when he scores terribly on each issue he is now handling? Here’s the rundown in the latest Bloomberg News poll:

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Do you approve or disapprove of Obama’s handling of this:


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–approve: 42 percent disapprove: 53 percent

Health Care:

–approve: 40 percent disapprove: 56 percent

Budget Deficient:

–approve: 32 percent disapprove: 59 percent


–approve: 51 percent disapprove: 40 percent

Economic Security:

–approve: 42 percent disapprove: 51 percent


–approve: 40 percent disapprove: 49 percent


–approve: 31 percent disapprove: 51 percent

And the focus on Obama’s scandals is cutting deep with the American people.

??By 48-31 percent, Bloomberg found that Americans believe that the “extra scrutiny” the IRS gave to conservative groups was “politically motivated” and not “a product of bureaucratic shortcuts.”

–47 percent Americans said Obama “is not being truthful when he says he didn’t have prior knowledge of the extra scrutiny the IRS gave to conservative groups and that he learned about it through the news media.” Only 40 percent said he was “being truthful.”(also Bloomberg)

–The Wall Street Journal/NBC poll found that the majority of voters felt that “the administration’s handling” of each of its three major scandals “raises doubts” about “the overall honesty and integrity of the Obama administration.”

A. Benghazi: 58-27 percent

B. Subpoena of phone records: 58-23 percent

C. IRS targeting of conservative groups: 55-26 percent

So it’s logical to ask what is holding his approval ratings up at 48 percent when his approval on key issues is down in the 40-42 percent range and his handling of scandals is so universally derided?

The answer is, of course, demographics. African-Americans, Latinos, gays, students and single white women are so frightened of a world without Obama and so alienated from Republicans that they dare not give the president overall negative ratings.

Will they ever? Yes. When the scandals reach the point where they cannot avoid it and when the Republicans stop alienating these key groups.

Immigration reform will the first break in the ice, since it will remove the single issue that most holds Latinos captive to the Democratic Party. On abortion, the administration’s ability to wave Roe v. Wade as its banner guarantees the 2:1 support of single white women — about 20 percent of the electorate.

But Obamacare offers the best option for bringing down Obama’s popularity. This signature program, so closely identified with his presidency, is becoming more and more unpopular as it nears implementation. Obama’s efforts to shore up its approval ratings are only likely to identify him more with its failings. The premium increases, the taxes and fines on young people, and the rationing of care to the elderly will become ever more apparent. And who can believe now that it ought to be administered by this Internal Revenue Service?

Bringing down Obama will take time, but the polling shows progress. Keep at it.

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