When You Scratch A Blue Dog Democrat, You Always Find A Liberal Underneath

There are no “Blue Dog” Democrats in Congress; there are only Democrats in tough districts who are afraid to show their true colors.

Remember Bart Stupak and his gang of pro-life Democrats? He made a big public show of opposing Obamacare because it used taxpayer money to fund abortions. Then, it turned out the liberals needed the pro-life votes to pass it and the babies went right under the bus.

Then there was all of Barack Obama’s talk about marriage being between a “man and a woman” in 2008. Then, the poll numbers for gay marriage improved just a little bit and suddenly he loved gay marriage.

Now, we’re seeing the same old song and dance with Mark Warner and Joe Manchin on guns.

The two Senators — both Democrats but with “A” ratings and previous endorsements from the powerful National Rifle Association gun lobby group — both spoke out to argue publicly that the death of 20 Year 2 children was a “game-changing” moment for America’s divisive gun debate.

“Never before have we seen our babies slaughtered. It’s never happened in America that I can recall, seeing this carnage,” said Senator Joe Manchin, who in 2010 released a political advert touting his NRA endorsement and showing him with a hunting rifle ‘taking aim’ at a piece of climate change legislation.

…Those thoughts were later echoed by Mark Warner, a senator for the rural, gun-loving state of Virginia, who has said gun control could no longer be a subject for partisan feuding between Republicans and Democrats.

“I believe every American has Second Amendment rights, the ability to hunt is part of our culture. I’ve had a NRA (National Rifle Association) rating of an “A” but, you know, enough is enough,” Mr Warner said on CBS News.

“It is time for this kind of senseless violence to end. There won’t be one perfect law to stop a crazy person from doing evil things. But when we have close to 30,000 killings a year from all types of gun violence, even if we save a few lives, we make progress.”

The babies went under the bus, God’s definition of marriage went under the bus and now the guns are going under the bus. You want to know what these “Blue Dog” Democrats really think? Then listen to the diehard liberals because ultimately, there isn’t any difference.

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