Why Does The Media Attack Sheldon Adelson?

Today the media is yet again attacking billionaire Sheldon Adelson on its front pages; now it is about his effort to target Jewish voters in swing states including: Florida,: Ohio: and: Pennsylvania.:  Such a media infatuation with an established successful, self made man who is doing what any active political advocate does, educates voters to see his point of view.:  In today’s world, money affects politics on both the left and the right.:  It happens all over the world, not just in the: United States: and maybe, just maybe liberals are nervous because finally there’s someone on the right standing up to them with force to be heard.

Like many Jews, Adelson votes on a variety of issues — not just: Israel: – He grew up with modest means as the son of immigrants.:  He dropped out of the City College of New York and built a successful business.:  As his wealth increased, he turned to the Republican Party after realizing that it was not fair to pay a higher percentage of taxes just because he was able to become successful. I too see it as he does — I am a product of the NYC public school system, I have worked hard for my money, and according to government classifications am “rich”, but have also made many sacrifices to get to where I am.

Adelson is surely reflective of the changing Jewish demographics which show that the Jewish community is becoming more observant & traditional. He is reflective of the Jewish community that feels that government today is putting more strain on the hardworking entrepreneur. Government, local and national, is taxing energetic people who sacrifice every day to create opportunities for themselves and others, who certainly benefit from job creation and other opportunities as a result.

Much of the mainstream media’s fascination with Adelson is that he is the rare proud: tough Jew, a “Republican-Conservative” standing up, putting his money where his mouth is standing up and saying “I am Jewish, proud and don’t give a damn what anyone has to say about it.”:  It’s refreshing and great to see. Media is so used to Jewish influence on the left, and Adelson surprises and frightens them.

Adelson is simply doing what his longtime friend, Fred Zeidman said months ago he would do “…devote his energy and money to the overriding issue, which is beating Barack Obama.” In a world where so many wealthy Jews follow the “Torah of Liberalism” as Norman Podhoretz calls it, what is better than a man working for a strong: America: as they believe it should be? Adelson and others like: Dr. Irving Moskowitz: are working to make the world better for all who believe in an economically, physically and intellectually strong: America: — and putting their money where their mouth is. It’s pure, American ideology.

Every other socioeconomic group in the country moved rightward as their socioeconomic position improved. Not the Jews – As the late Milton Himmelfarb wrote in the June 1973 Commentary magazine, in the article “The Jewish Vote (Again), ” “Jews earn like Episcopalians, and vote like Puerto Ricans.” Himmelfarb meant that Jews earn like the rich establishment, but vote like poor recent immigrants. And this too will change.

Max Nordau, a 19th century philosopher has been oft quoted as telling the Jewish leader: Ze’ev Jabotinsky: that “the Jew learns not by way of reason, but from catastrophes. He won’t buy an umbrella merely because he sees clouds in the sky.:  He waits until he is drenched and catches pneumonia.”

America: is certainly in a catastrophic situation and its pouring rain — and Adelson should be lauded worldwide for doing what he is doing.

Ronn Torossian: founded 5WPR, a leading: PR Agency.:  He is an active Jewish philanthropist via the: Ronn Torossian: Foundation.


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