Why Should The Ballot Box Be Less Secure Than The Democratic National Convention?

Seems like a fair question, doesn’t it? And the Democrats sure don’t seem to have: any qualms about demanding ID at their convention.


How’s this for irony: Democratic convention organizers are requiring journalists applying for press credentials to display their state-issued ID not once, not twice, but three times.

The stringent ID rules for journalists at the Democrat Party‘s convention seem a bit odd considering the party’s broad, alarmist stance on voter ID laws. The ID laws have drawn harsh criticism from the liberal establishment, including Vice President Joe Biden who has called the practice “voter suppression” and MSNBC hosts who’ve called the laws “racist” and “a GOP conspiracy.”

But for some reason, ID rules aren’t racist when it comes to security at the Democrat National Convention.

Why should we be less sure about the identities of people who are voting in an election than we are about the people who are collecting swagbags at the Democratic National Convention?

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