Winners and Losers Of The CBS Debate

Winners and Losers Of The CBS Debate

This was a nasty debate and you can tell that some of these candidates seem to really dislike each other. Trump really seems to hate Jeb and Cruz. Marco and Cruz also seem to despise each other. It’s getting ugly, folks — and the audience was positively loaded with squishes who loved Jeb, loved Marco while they hated Trump and Cruz.


6) Trump: Jeb Bush kicked his ass from one side of the stage to the other and he sounded horrible talking about Bush. Also, he was a weird shade of orange. Many of his supporters will forgive him for anything, but if you aren’t already a Trump fan, you were probably turned off by this performance.

5) Carson: Carson is just Carson. He speaks slow, complains he doesn’t get enough time, doesn’t have a lot of specifics and tonight, he wasn’t as charming as usual. He was also forgettable as you can tell by the lack of quotes.

4) Cruz: Cruz wasn’t bad, but he didn’t have many good lines, lost his back and forth with Rubio on immigration and wasn’t as sharp as normal. However, he did humiliate Rubio by speaking Spanish after Rubio claimed he didn’t know how.

3) Kasich: I find little Jimmy Sunshine annoying, but he benefited from the fact that he’s not enough of a threat for anyone to squash him. So, he got to play the “I want to positive” card all night.

2) Bush: Jeb keeps improving and tonight, he consistently beat Trump in head-to-head fights.

1) Rubio: Rubio bounced back from his bad debate, got in some good lines, won his back and forth with Cruz on immigration and didn’t get hit very much.

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