Winners and Losers Of The New Hampshire Debate

The night got off to a really weird start when Ben Carson did this.

Was that stage fright? I have no idea. Then…

It was really bizarre.

It was a very different debate than usual because Trump was actively trying to avoid fights and Cruz wasn’t the primary target tonight. So, it was comparatively a little subdued. Also, some of the normal front runners didn’t do very well.

7) Marco Rubio: This was Rubio’s worst debate by far because Chris Christie beat him up, took his lunch money and shoved him in a locker. He was just brutalized and on top of that, as always, he sounded terrible on illegal immigration.

6) John Kasich: His fundamental unlikability makes debating hard for him.

5) Donald Trump: Trump was solid, but he’s still very vague and he had a couple of questions where he really looked bad.

4) Jeb Bush: Jeb’s not a great debater, but for the first time tonight, he sounded like he belonged on the stage. Arguably, he could be in the three spot depending on how much damage Carson did with his weird opening.

3) Ben Carson: He was extremely likable once you got beyond the really weird opening where he just stood there and wouldn’t go on stage.

2) Ted Cruz: He was strong, but not spectacular tonight.

1) Chris Christie: Christie is always one of the best debaters, but tonight he just eviscerated Rubio.

Update: Apparently Carson didn’t go on stage initially because of sound problems.

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