Would It Surprise You To Know That Barack Obama Used To Deal Coke?

“I had learned not to care. I blew a few smoke rings, remembering those years. Pot had helped, and booze; maybe a little blow when you could afford it. Not smack, though. …” —Barack Obama

“Junkie. Pothead. That’s where I’d been headed: the final, fatal role of the young would-be black man. Except the highs hadn’t been about that, me trying to prove what a down brother I was. Not by then, anyway. I got high for just the opposite effect, something that could push questions of who I was out of my mind, something that could flatten out the landscape of my heart, blur the edges of my memory. I had discovered that it didn’t make any difference whether you smoked reefer in the white classmate’s sparkling new van, or in the dorm room of some brother you’d met down at the gym, or on the beach with a couple of Hawaiian kids who had dropped out of school and now spent most of their time looking for an excuse to brawl. …You might just be bored, or alone. Everybody was welcome into the club of disaffection.” –: Barack Obama

“…I inhaled frequently. That was the point.” –: Barack Obama

Barack Obama didn’t use drugs once, nor was he a casual user – he was a hard core druggie who was part of a “Choom gang.”

Obama was apparently known for starting pot-smoking trends within the group. He coined the term “total absorption,” or TA. Basically, anyone who exhaled smoke prematurely would be assessed a penalty, and skipped the next time the joint was passed around. His other innovation was the “roof hit,” in which the Choom Gang would roll up the windows of a car and smoke inside. Once all the weed was gone, they would tilt their heads back and suck in the remaining smoke from the car ceiling.

…The Choom Gang’s preferred mode of transportation was a Volkswagen bus affectionately known as the “Choomwagon.” According to one anecdote, the Choomwagon and a Toyota in which Obama was riding raced to the top of Mount Tantalus, and the Toyota rolled off the road. The Choomwagon’s passengers found the future president staggering on the road and “laughing so hard he could barely stand up.”

When was the last time Barack Obama got high? We don’t know. Has he ever snorted coke in the Oval Office? We don’t know. Has he ever made an important decision about the country’s future while he was high? Maybe, we don’t know.

Has Barack Obama ever dealt drugs? Maybe, we don’t know – but if you had to bet,: the smart money would be on “Yes.”

A man claiming to be a close pal to President Obama during college made contact with Republican operatives recently, ready to go public with claims that Obama used and sold cocaine in college, RadarOnline.com is reporting exclusively.

…“The people he is involved with have produced other credible information that is damaging to national Democratic figures in the past few years.”

Operatives close to the Romney campaign were contacted and rejected the information, the source told Radar.

…A proposal of the man’s story was created and viewed by Radar. The document claims that there are multiple sources who can back up allegations that Obama used and sold cocaine in college.

The alleged pal was willing to go on the record for the story and take a polygraph test, according to the source.

Is this story true? If so, did Barack Obama ever sell drugs to kids? Did anyone overdose and die on the drugs he sold? What a disgrace to the country. How far we’ve fallen when a former drug dealer could be in the White House — and let’s face it, given Obama’s background, this is a VERY plausible story.

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