Yes, Virginia, There is a Liberal Press

Chris Christie knew.

So did Barack Obama and Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe. All have been described by insiders as top-down leaders running a tightly controlled office.

Rick Jensen

Conservatives realize the New Jersey Governor had to know the alleged “traffic study” foisted upon thousands of commuters by his closest advisors was at some point known to Christie even if he didn’t plan it.

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The liberals who hate Republicans are enjoying the constant media blitz designed to bring down a Republican believed to be a real threat to the 2016 Democratic candidate, presumably Hillary Clinton.

Insiders including Robert Gates and those interviewed by Bob Woodward also describe President Obama as a micromanager who demands to know the details of every national political operation. The IRS scandal, using the IRS to crush the constitutionally protected free speech of thousands of Americans whose belief in smaller more effective government is a threat to the Democratic Party, was obviously known to the President as documents have proven the scandal goes right into the oval office.

So have the Fast and Furious gunrunning operation and using the Department of Justice to spy on reporters and the parents of one reporter.

The absence of signed and engraved invitations to corruption does not preclude common sense.

There are more Obama scandals, but the real national scandal here is that of the national press which has been trumpeting the Christie story daily for over a week and has generally defended the Obama administration over the IRS scandal and has allowed themselves to be neutered by the DOJ spying scandal.

Even more blatant is the lack of consistent multiple media coverage and investigations into Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe’s sleazy career. When McAuliffe’s aides & lawyer said didn’t know he was profiting from fraudulent life insurance policies purchased on the lives of people who were terminally ill, the national press rolled over and said, “okay.”

Really? Just because McAuliffe has been one of the country’s most powerful Democratic Party operatives for years doesn’t mean the mainstream media should bow and scrape before his hired spokespeople.

How is it that a man who made a fortune in his father-in-law’s failed savings and loan, over 2.45 million in a high profile union pension investment scandal, left his green scheme company amid federal investigations gets away from national media scrutiny in such a scandal as making money off insurance policies that were illegally written on the lives of dying people, people who didn’t even know the policies were being purchased while the Republican Governor is constantly harangued in contempt by the same media even after he apologizes, fires those who were responsible and invites an investigation?

Christie has done much more, much more quickly than either Obama or McAuliffe in dealing directly with his traffic delay scandal. Still, CBS, ABC and NBC networks trot out new “questions” and “concerns” to keep the story alive.

The coverage has revealed a deeper, more dangerous scandal. Comparison of the coverage between Christie and McAuliffe especially reveals to those who would like to pretend that there is no bias in the national press that they can no longer pretend.

Partisan Democrats could readily suspend disbelief and pretend the White House and Sen. Harry Reid has nothing to do with the government shutdown last year. The national press certainly did.

However the real truth is that the Democrats could easily have negotiated with Republicans in what President Obama calls a “bipartisan” atmosphere and avoided the shutdown.

That would have been politically unprofitable as they were assured the national press would regurgitate the Democratic message that it was all the fault of Republicans.

The Media Research Center confirmed that assurance:

“During the first 15 days of October, the network evening newscasts highlighted 127 examples of ways the shutdown was hurting Americans…”

“Virtually absent from the coverage was any questioning of the Obama administration’s tactics in implementing the shutdown.

Yes, Virginia, there is a liberal press.

And they are allowing dangerously sleazy Democratic activity to remain in the shadows while doggedly shining their light on a Republican Governor who might have stalled traffic on a bridge.

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