Your Son may be Neutered by Christmas Break

It seems like the skinny clothing look has made a comeback. Skinny, or form fitting jeans and suits are all the rage amongst teens and twenty-somethings. This look was introduced back in the early sixties, particularly in dress clothes, popularized by the Rat Pack.
Brent Smith
Yet despite the retro-style similarities, there is difference in the look from yesterday to today. The difference is femininity. The men of the sixties wore form fitting clothing yet were still decidedly masculine. Today, it appears that the object is to appear more feminine.
This is, at least in my opinion, by design. Radical feminists in our nation have been beating (metaphorically) men down for years, but the efforts have recently gone in hyper-drive, particularly at colleges and universities. This feminism has trickled down to the girls of our sons’ age.  Is this the reason for the apparent transformation – or modification? Are guys dressing this way to get in touch with their feminine side, or merely to curry favor? Or maybe it’s an attempt to stay under the radar – lest they incur the wrath of these girls/women.
One example of this radicalism is a recent speaker on a college campus. Cathy Young, who both writes and speaks about radical feminism and exaggerated campus rape statistics was called a “rape apologist scum” by protesters and actually had a fire alarm pulled, forcing security to clear the building, in the middle of her talk. Her crime was evidently explaining that men have rights too.
Apparently, on a growing number of university campuses, the view appears to be that they don’t – or shouldn’t.
Her event was then moved, as “university administrators felt it was inadvisable to hold my event on campus; the venue was moved to a nearby hotel.” One student activist wrote on a Tumblr blog that “chasing these misogynists off campus is a victory.” Yes – sticking up for men should be a hate crime, I guess.
Young wasn’t sure who actually pulled the fire alarm, but considering the hostility of the feminist protesters, she said, “it’s hard to imagine who else could have done this.” This is what guys on college campuses now have to contend with – an ever-expanding hatred of masculinity.
So what’s a guy supposed to do? Well, there are always online universities – or one can become a self-hating male feminist, like Jackson Katz, “the first man to minor in women’s studies at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst,” and who says, “being emotional is manly in my opinion,” and “the three most destructive words” are “be a man.” Huh?!
Just in case you too wish to become a man-hating radical feminazi, his alma mater “now offers a bachelor’s (should be bachelorette) in women, gender and sexuality studies.” Just wait – the “bachelors” degree will fall soon enough.
Mr. (I guess) Katz, taking time from his busy schedule of providing “gender violence prevention and leadership training to institutions in the public and private sectors,” was the first lecturer at Vanderbilt University’s “Healthy Masculinities Week.” Sorry I missed that.
During Jackson’s lecture, he explained that political correctness is actually good. He cited an example of Trump supporters liking The Donald for his uncensored speech – that he’s not politically correct, “but what they really mean is they like him ‘for saying racist and sexist comments,’ Katz added.” Yeah that’s it.
And he wasn’t the only one. There was also a screening of the blockbuster documentary, “The Mask You Live In, which blames ‘America’s narrow definition of masculinity’ for the deteriorating mental health of boys and men.” In it, psychiatrist James [little buddy] Gilligan, a professor at New York University, says: “Whether it’s homicidal violence or suicidal violence, people resort to such desperate behavior only when they are feeling shamed and humiliated, or feel that they would be if they didn’t prove they were real men.” Yes – that’s why lunatics kill – to prove they’re “real men.”
So it appears in our current society, boys and men don’t stand a chance. If we don’t conform to these unhinged idiots’ ideas of what a man is, we are all destined to become homicidal/suicidal misogynistic rapists, who only act out due to our shame and self-loathing. 
So parents – when your sons come home from college on Christmas break, they may have to be reprogrammed. May I suggest intervention therapy sessions of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood movies.
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