Owning a: PR firm: I consume media non-stop, but reading news about Israel and Judaism is constantly a bewildering experience. Some random observations from recent reading:

  • Amazed as to why the mainstream American media hasn’t had wall to wall coverage of the fact that the largest Muslim country in the world forced perhaps the most famous American artist in the world, Lady Gaga to cancel her concert.: : Indonesian authorities denied Gaga a permit for her show — and it hasn’t mustered 24/7 media coverage in America.: : Could one imagine if such a thing would happen in the Jewish state? It’s a simple double-standard.
  • The American magazine TIME magazine devoted its cover story to an: interview: with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu with the cover: “King Bibi”.: : TIME editor Rick Stengel noted Netanyahu’s decision is whether “… he can write a new narrative.”: : Leaving aside the fact that as Netanyahu said he isn’t a King, and “Israel is a: democratic: state and not a monarchy..”, is this constant media pounding about “peace.”: : The Israelis alone cannot make peace, as there is noone to make peace with.: : The reason for being, for the State of Israel is about survival — an ingathering of the exiles. The reason for being isn’t peace — its growth and survival.: : Media should know that.

o: : : Ze’ev Jabotinsky: said: “At the root of our 2000 years of suffering is our refusal to surrender.” “The history of the Jewish people in the exile is not the history of what they did, but the history of what was done to them.” Both of these quotes are surely known well by Netanyahu, and should be constantly remembered as reasons for being.

  • Not blood diamonds in Africa or Taiwan-China banning, but South Africa chooses the democratic nation of Israel to practice racism towards by banning goods produced in Jewish settlements in the West Bank.: : Its racism against Jews plain and simple. Shameful.

Life goes on and so will the State of Israel and The Jewish People.

Ronn Torossian: is CEO of 5WPR, and an active Jewish philanthropist.


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