Common Core Math Explained

For those left scratching their heads in confusion by this


…here is an explanation:

As a courtesy to parents sure to be frustrated with their children’s infuriating Common Core homework, Buffalo, N.Y. NBC affiliate WGRZ has published a series of helpful videos.

The first of the six videos informs parents about the new way to add 9 + 6. …

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“With the Common Core, students need to understand why” 9 + 6 equals 15, a bubbly WGRZ reporter explains.

Fourth-grade teacher Eileen Klag Ryan then demonstrates the Common Core way to add 9 + 6.

This Common Core method takes nearly a minute.

“Our young learners might not be altogether comfortable thinking about what 9 + 6 is,” Ryan relates. “They are quite comfortable thinking about their friend, 10.”

In a world run by liberals, the important thing is for math to make people feel “comfortable.”

“We’re going to decompose our 6,” the teacher continues, drawing two small diagonal lines under the 6, then adding a number 1 and a number 5.

“We know 6 is made up of parts,” she instructs. “One of its parts is a 1 and the other part is a 5.”

Then, things get super-complex.

“We’re now going to anchor our 9 to a 1, allowing our students to anchor to that 10″ Ryan says, while drawing a big, oblong circle around the 9 and the 1.”

“Now our students are seeing that we have 10 + 5,” she declares confidently. She stutters a bit and adds, “Having, uh, now more comfort seeing that 10 + 5 is 15. That’s much more comfortable than looking at 9 + 6.”

Instead of taking a split second to say that 9 + 6 = 15, students take almost a minute to say that 6 = 5 + 1, 9 + 1 = 10, and 10 + 5 = 15. Because that way they feel more comfortable.

This demonstrates why no one in his right mind would want the government in charge of schools.

The lunacy will have long-term implications for Americans’ ability to do math.

Canada’s National Post reported that a group of neuroscientists has issued a study finding that rote memorization of discrete math facts plays a critical role in mathematical development in young children.

In short, the study found, memorizing multiplication tables and answers to basic arithmetic problems is cognitively vital because, without such memorization, children will have a much harder time later on with complex math problems.

Even if students aren’t learning much under Common Core, at least the rest of us can take away this lesson: there is no aspect of life that liberals will not degrade if given authority over it.

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