A Glenn Beck Rally and Our Current Culture of Bias

It is not news to hear that we are in an environment of bias which is fueled by our mainstream media. It is not even news when we hear that people who speak truth are pushed down by this sector. However, a recent situation has forced us to not only see the strength of this realization but also the danger. Can a Glenn Beck rally:  turn the tide?

Recently, Glenn Beck: carried out: a rally to influence and enhance the honor of this nation in one of its most tumultuous times since the Great Depression. Almost immediately after being announced, it has to come to the defense of itself via the media. Even supposedly conservative hosts such as Joe Scarborough are attempting to wonder the reasoning behind it actually using the world “bewilderment” in a tweet discussing the segment. Ignoring real news such as a liberal legislator wanting to question conservative groups’ funding against the 9-11 Mosque and not the funding of it’s prospective creation, rambles continue on to figure out the events’ reasoning and no recognition of the actual chance to revive the nation and remind us of who we are.

Today, we actually live in a time where uniting for the good of the nation becomes cause for threatening debate instead of full fledged celebration that we are a nation which can do this type of thing even in times of turmoil. Even the selection of the date, the anniversary of Martin Luther King: ’s Speech and same location, was under attack when in reality it is this type of event which King professed himself: Celebrating this nation and our ability and freedom to recognize it. A Glenn Beck rally: captures very spirit.

As a 20-Something year old conservative woman in New York, home of many recent rallies, it scares me that events at our nation’s capitol to profess exactly what we were made for can be attacked. In fact, it is this fear which leads me to politics in the first place as well as many of my colleagues. However, despite any attack or negative response no matter what the prospective strength of this negative reaction, even in times of turmoil we show the true errors of our ways which must be revised not only for our nation’s sake at this point in time but also for us to thrive at all. I just hope this event and the actions within it and the participants begin erasing these situations as soon as possible. If only for our nation’s sake.

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