A Report From Tim Scott’s Victory Party….

[The above photo is of me and Tim Scott.]

[The above picture is of me and two of Tim Scott’s aides (Brandon Rowland on the left in the white shirt and Dan Asdot on the right in the blue shirt).]

As many of you are aware, Tim Scott has been campaigning hard for many months to become the US congressman to represent South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District. Mr. Scott has recently endured a grueling primary battle in order to win the Republican nomination; however, there is a lot more to this man than just politics.

Mr. Scott has a very inspirational life story and has had to overcome a lot of hurdles in his life. He grew up in the projects of North Charleston and was raised by a single mother who worked two jobs to keep him and his brother off of welfare. Scott was failing out of high school until he found a mentor by the name of John Moniz (a local Chick-fil-A owner who told Tim that, “You can think your way out of poverty”). He then went on to become a successful businessman, a thirteen year member of the Charleston County Council, and a member of the SC State Legislature–all before finally running for congress in 2010.

Well, on Tuesday night, Tim Scott’s tenacity paid off because he made history by being elected the first African-American Republican US congressman to represent SC since Reconstruction.

The victory party began by Tim Scott giving a rousing speech (that I have embedded above). However, here are the high points of Mr. Scott’s speech in case you don’t have the time to listen to the whole thing.

Scott was introduced by his campaign manager, Joe McKeown, who explained that, “Tim is still the guy who calls his mama twice a day and takes his grandfather out to lunch every Sunday”.

He began his speech by excitedly telling the audience that, “It’s no longer half time” (and that June 22’nd was half time).

Scott then quoted Ephesians 3: 20-21:

“That God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we ask and even imagine.”

Scott further stated the following:

“If we remember that all things are possible and that American exceptionalism is alive and well, then we MUST go to work.”

He, then, quoted Jack Kemp (who he calls “a bleeding heart conservative”) who said that:

“It had to be done, but it wasn’t the government’s responsibility to do it–it was our responsibility.”

Next, Scott brought his mother, Frances Scott, on stage and hailed her as “a super hero who is responsible for the American dream that I am living today.” He went on to state that America needs the kind of tough love that his mother gave him.

Specifically, Scott stated the following:

“We must win back this country FOR the American people–not FROM the Democrats or the Republicans.”

[Great message!!]

Then, Mr. Scott laid out his formula for American greatness–

1.) Limit the role of the federal government.

2.) Lower taxes and encourage job creation. (“If the federal government could create jobs, then communism would have worked.”)

3.) Lastly, Scott got the audience to repeat loudly three times, “If you don’t have it, don’t spend it!!

And finally, Mr. Scott wrapped up his stem-winder with the following remark:

“I’m amazed by the fact that the Good Lord allowed me to be born in America.”

However, Tim Scott’s uplifting speech was just the beginning of the party–there was way more fun to come. Below are some of the snapshots that were taken throughout the evening.

Above is a photo of Andrew Boucher (a Republican consultant working for the Scott campaign) and me.

Above is a picture of me and Lizzy Simmons–who is one of Tim Scott’s aides.

Above is a photo of me and Jeff Shcreiber of America’s Right (who I had the pleasure of meeting recently at Blog Con).

Above is a picture of my husband and me.

Above is another picture of me and Tim Scott. (Funny anecdote here. When I initially went up to Mr. Scott to congratulate him right before this picture was taken, I specifically said, “Congratulations Tim!”–then I caught myself and sheepishly said, “Oh, I meant Congressman Scott”. However, he patted me on the shoulder and replied, “No, it’s Tim.”)

Above is a photo of my husband, Tim Scott and me.

Above is a picture of Tim Scott’s cake.

And, above is a photo of me stuffing my face with cake.

Above is another snapshot of me and Brandon Rowland.

Above is a picture of me and Jay Henderson–who is one of Tim Scott’s aides.

And finally, above is a photo of me waiting for my husband to bring the car around. It was at this point at the end of the evening that I had the chance to ask Tim what he thought the take home message was from the recent midterm elections. He responded that he thought that, “The American people had sent a clear message, and that it was our job (Congress’) to follow their directions”.

So, in conclusion, I think that Tim Scott will be a great representative for the state of South Carolina. Why? Because for Mr. Scott it’s not all about him. He’s “in this” to serve the good people of SC and because he truly believes in American exceptionalism–not for his own personal glory. Tim Scott has truly earned the title of “Congressman”. (Barbara “call me Senator” Boxer could really learn a thing or two about humility from Congressman Scott.) Mr. Scott has overcome unbelievable obstacles to become the congressman to represent South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District. I am very proud to call him “Congressman Scott”. Tuesday night, Tim Scott had a lot to celebrate–nay–we all had a lot to celebrate.

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