BAM! LOOK What Conservative Policies Are Doing To Wisconsin – This Is Awesome!

BAM! LOOK What Conservative Policies Are Doing To Wisconsin – This Is Awesome!

Conservative policies have had an amazingly positive effect in Wisconsin and would have the same effect on the rest of the country if given the chance. Needless to say, this is exactly the intended effect on such fiscally wise policies, but liberals would have to believe that Democrat cities (like Detroit) are the true utopias.

I think I’ll chuckle now, if you don’t mind.


From The Federalist Papers Project:

Conservative policies work.

Allowed to work, the policies and principles of limited government, increased liberty and lower taxes can herald untold economic success.

Just ask Wisconsin.

Under Scott Walker’s leadership, the state’s budget just got $714 million brighter – they’ve turned a projected deficit into a small surplus, defying all expectations.

Tax revenues are $455 higher than even the Department of Administration projected just two months ago, The Wisconsin State Journal is reporting. Also, state spending is a full $226 million lower than projected, mostly to decreased Medicaid enrollment.

What that effectively does is turn what experts and critics thought was a $693 million deficit into a $21 million surplus.

It also adds more cushion to the state’s bottom line as it closes out the 2015-2017 budget cycle. Previously the net balance was about $40 million. The latest estimate has the state closing out the year with a $362.2 million ending balance.

As a result of the largesse, Gov. Walker has promised increase spending in the public school system, a cut in tuition in the University of Wisconsin system and more money for local roads and rural broadband access.

“These growing revenue numbers are a sign that what we’re doing in Wisconsin is working,” Walker said in a statement. “While this is certainly good news, our budget priorities will remain the same. We will increase funding to public education at all levels, continue tax relief, and reward work.”

HA! I would like to say I told you so, but that would be rude.

So I’ll just think it.

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