Breitbart writer who used to work at Right Wing News: My car was just torched because I’m a conservative writer

Breitbart writer who used to work at Right Wing News: My car was just torched because I’m a conservative writer

Warner Todd Huston has been working to improve the United State for over a decade with his conservative voice, including right here with RightWingNews. After months of petty vandalization, a person or persons have torched his only vehicle. Now, he needs our help.

On October 7th, Huston was woken up from his sleep in his Chicago residence to find that the interior of his car had been set on fire. His son set up a GoFundMe to help him purchase a new car and we urge you to consider donating.

In the last few months, Huston has been the target of attacks, starting with a vandal who pulled a flag from the flag staff on his property, ripping it up and leaving it on his lawn. He replaced the flag, guessing that it was a random act, but after a few weeks the new flag was stolen outright.

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Then, the vandals egged his garage door. He assumed it was just punks with no political or personal reason to target him. But then, his flag was vandalized again.  This is a U.S. Army flag that Huston keeps on his property to honor his son who is currently in the service. The flag was burned around the edge and someone wrote “die dogs” in a black marker.

This was more threatening than the previous acts and Huston reported that it seemed “directly aimed at the U.S. military and me personally.” This was the fourth instance of vandalization, so he made a police report “just to be on the safe side.”

Then, on September 24th, another egging occurred. Someone or several someones egged his garage door, again and wrote “RACIST” in black marker on the metal of the door.

Huston said that he has never tried to conceal his identity and has never used a fake name in order to publish, and he has been writing since 2001. He writes on conservative issues including Islam and immigration, topics he knows can cause an easily offended liberal to call him racist. He also puts up Republican lawn signs during elections for candidates, so he knows that it is public knowledge that the home belongs to a conservative. With the graffiti, he started to wonder whether he was being targeted for his beliefs. After the garage door incident, he made a second police report.

He began to wonder who could be targeting him, when he woke up this month at 1 am to find that his car had been set on fire. It was an old car, a 1999 Oldsmobile 88, so he only had basic liability insurance on it. After calling in the police, they refused to classify it as a case of arson due to a lack of evidence. Huston says that whoever committed the act left a plastic pop bottle with a gasoline smell in the car. He was questioned about smoking habits and whether he had accidentally set the interior alight by himself, but Huston does not smoke cigarettes and only has the occasional cigar. It had been seven hours since he was last in the car and there was nothing electrical where the flames were highest.

He now “firmly believes” that the attack happened because of his writing and conservative political beliefs.

He will not be silenced or intimidated.

We encourage you to check out the GoFundMe campaign set up by his son, who praised his father for sheltering his wife and children while he was serving in Iraq.

They are asking for $10,000 to purchase a new car and at the time of this writing have already raised over $3,000.

You can look at our archives here to read Warner Todd Huston’s contributions to the site.

Good luck, Warner.

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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