Dana Milbank Brings The Stupid – Kristi Noem Meets With *GASP* Lobbyists

On a day that features plenty of stupidity – you have the massive pork laden spending bill, Jon Bon Jovi appointed to a new presidential commission, and Milbank’s own paper failing to publish their own poll on Obamacare (which is lower than ever) – Milbank works hard to make the A list of stupidity

Dear Tea Party voter: You’ve been had.

When the good people of South Dakota voted last month to send Republican Kristi Noem to Congress, they probably believed that she would give no quarter to the lobbyists and special interest groups who enjoyed, as she put it, “throwing money at the feet of a member of Congress.”

But since she defeated Democratic Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (in part by making an issue of Herseth Sandlin’s marriage to a lobbyist), Noem has hired her new chief of staff from . . . a lobbying firm! And on Tuesday afternoon, she was the guest of honor at a “Meet & Greet” with Washington high-rollers at the powerhouse lobbying firm Barbour Griffiths Rogers. Once these boys start throwing money at Noem’s feet, she’ll soon be chin deep in lobbyist greenbacks.

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See? It’s so easy! Apparently, pork politics, of which she has not been proven to have engaged in, since she isn’t even installed in Congress yet, are the only thing we TEA Partiers are all about! Those other issues, like massive spending, legislation which paves the way for a government takeover of the health insurance and health care systems, and keeping taxes low (remind Dana what TEA stands for, if you’d be so kind), mean nothing next to *GASP* dealing with lobbyists. I don’t remember Dana having the same snit fit over Obama’s multiple broken promises about lobbyists, do you?

But, of course, what Dana is attempting to do is create strife among the Conservative base, and those independents, and sometimes Democrat voters, who supported the TEA Party and their candidates. Dealing with lobbyists should not be a problem: lobbying is Constitutionally protected (petition government for redress of grievance). The problem is when elected officials start throwing pork at said lobbyists. If Kristi Neom and others start throwing pork out there in bills, then there is a problem. Till then, Dana Milbank is simply spinning his wheels. Till then, Dana should worry more about his own Party, which received a shellacking.

If Republicans throw some pork out there, sure, the base will be upset. We are much more concerned with reducing spending, doing away with ObamaCare, keeping taxes low, and reducing the scope and role of government in our private lives. That’s what the TEA Party is all about.

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